The Body Shop Summer Sale is ON!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Body Shop Babies, raise your hands!

I've been a BIG Body Shop user since my St. Scho days--remember the 2-sided gray nail buffer, the lakas maka rosy cheeks lip-and-cheek tint, and of course, everyone in school have their Born Lippy in their kikay kits!

More than a decade, and I am still a Body Shop makeup fan. Aside from very easy to use lip-and-cheek tint, I also LOVE their Shimmer Waves! I used to "finger paint" my cheeks with this makeup on my way to events, and what difference this magic creates! Glowing kung glowing!

Maganda rin tong pang-beach!

So although hindi kamurahan, I make sure I head over the Body Shop whenever my makeup runs out, lalo na the cheek tint. It's my number one tool for everyday makeup! Kaya whenever they have sales and promos, usually around May (I look forward to their bundled products!)...I take advantage!

This time though, The Body Shop is cooking us a whole new surprise for May--Which means their annual summer sale was moved. Actually, the BIG SALE has already started! Sugod na!

Last Friday, I  went to the Glorietta Body Shop branch with their friendly PR team Joyce and Angel :)

With a budget, I checked out their different beauty essentials:

Here's a low-down of the top ten Body Shop goodies that caught my attention:

1) Born Lippy...STICK! 

The pot version is still available though! With a quirkier packaging!

Gift Pack / Bundled versions of Born Lippy!

2) The Sparkler--What a cute spritz packaging! An all over shine product:

3) Tea Tree Products!

4) Classic home foot spa essentials!

5) My Body Shop favorites: Blush ons in stain and powder form!

6) Make up brushes from this brand are really good!

7) I can't find the classic buffer already, but I saw this nail care set...With the baby version of the buffer!!!

8) Really cheap lash curlers!

9) I'm a sucker for aromatherapy! The Body Shop got loads of incense, oils, and candles! YUMMY!

10) Cube eye shadows in different shades! :)

My shopping buddy that day: Pretty blogger Alyssa Lapid! We can't decide sa dami ng great finds!

Krissy also came a bit later! :)

The friendly The Body Shop staff gladly assists the shoppers:

Krissy taking a whiff of the Body Shop scents! Haven't tried their perfume, but ANG BANGO! Lalo nung Musk! :P

Also caught shopping around, bloggers Rache, Jen, and Kai! :) Great to see you girls!!!

More reasons to love Body Shop: They are against animal testing, and promote eco-friendly packaging like eco bags!

Even the crates that contain their products have a story behind them:
When you visit The Body Shop's summer sale, take note of the wooden crates that contain and display their wonderful products. Continuing its long tradition of helping global and local communities, The Body Shop Philippines has tapped Tahanang Walang Hagdanan Inc. to create crates from wooden pallets, used in the shipment of their lovely beauty products from the United Kingdom. <3

Body Shop Makeover is also a CLASSIC, and they also giveaway gifts from time to time! :)

Naalala ko tuloy when I had a makeover in this same Body Shop branch before going to the Globe Tattoo shoot! Haha!

I asked Alyssa and Jen to show off their goodies! I am interested talaga with Alyssa's olive soap and Ate Jen's post-bathing oil!

Check out counter!

Guess what I bought with the P1k? :)

...I got my usual Lip and Cheek Tint, and a Raspberry Born Lippy! Hahaha...Practical!

Go loco over The Body Shop's makeups and beauty finds! Follow them on Facebook for more details and updates! What are YOUR favorite Body Shop products? Share!


  1. I totally agree! used the shimmer waves for contour and eye shadow during my trip to Boracay. it really came in handy! :)

    The Pink Margarita

    1. True noh!: ) And you dont need brushes pa to apply it, ganda lang talaga :)

  2. i really love their RBL ^_^ yan ang gift namin last year sa boss ko hihi she likes it too

    1. What are RBLs? :) Sound interesting! :)) And yes tama ka jan, forever pang gift: Body Shop! HAhaha! :)

  3. Also a Body Shop baby!! :) Naalala ko I always buy lotions for my Mom pag may occasion dyan! Hihi great post, babe! I love their born lippies also! ♥


    1. Thank you so much for appreciating Arnie! :) Ay super staple gift and lip gloss na ang body shop, i love the quality talaga :)


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