Hanson Concert: Like a 5th grader all over again!

Monday, April 02, 2012

First, it was getting my braces. 
Then The Body Shop's nail buffer and lip and cheek tint. 
And now THIS! 
St. Scho days are coming back to me in little pieces, through memorable uso things during those beautiful years of being young and walang pakels sa mundo!

As tweeted:

Tonight I'm a patintero-loving,timid, chubby 5th grader again, reading her tiger-beat magazines and watching Hanson's mmmbop on mtv. ♥

Last Friday, Krissy and I strategically braved the Friday night traffic (slash pay day, slash last week before Holy Week, slash rush hour traffic) just to get to Smart Araneta Coliseum, purchase our tickets on-the-spot, and relive our childhood favorite songs that we didn't even listened to together. 

Were we just 2 of the few people who will never get over the Hanson? I wonder why my kapanahunan didn't watched this concert... Hanson, mehn! HANSON! Haha!

Chill na chill sa pinaka dulong gitna ng buong Araneta. :)

Opening Act: Robin Nievera

 At around past 9, finally...I can't believe I am watching the concert of my most favorite band back in grade school! My 12-year-old self will be sooo thrilled (and kilig)! Pag nanyari kasi to nung Grade 5 ako, I wouldn't afford the ticket with my measly 20 petot baon! Haha!

Ping Medina even tweeted something like "Taylor Hanson is the original Justin Bieber. #androgynous #girlboy" Hahaha!

Now: Still looking gwapo! 
Me to Krissy: Ang ganda padin ni Taylor! Haha!

And here, ladies and gents, was the kid I was crushing on while everyone else's eyes were focused on Taylor:

Not much of a kid anymore, Me to Krissy: Awww dalaga na si Zac! Lol.

Nakakatawa, the crowd really SCREAMS pag si Zac na ang naka project sa big screen!

...Lalong nagwawala ang Araneta whenever Zac does this ampogi 90s hair flip, hahaha!

Killer Smile :)

Krissy and I were laughing hard whenever we notice na kulang sa exposure si Papa Isaac a, panay sila Taylor and Zac lang naka focus ng matagal yung camera! :P Sabi naman ni Krissy: Kamukha naman niya si James Franco a! Hahaha!

The thing is, I never heard of any news on Hanson sibling rivalry. The band is still thriving today, may not be as popular as before with a barely half-filled Araneta, but still! 

....Alive and melting the heart of girls with their beautiful song lyrics.

The concert had three main parts: fast paced songs, slow songs, then fast paced again. (can be determined with Zac's instrument)

My favorites:

Where is the Love was pretty classic, especially during Ike's Dark clouds all around, lightning, rain pouring down
I can still remember the tiny voice of a young Zac replying with: Waiting for the bright light to break through!

Penny and Me's performance that night was epic, goosebumps all-over! Yun tipong gusto mo na mainlove! Haha! And Penny and me like to gaze at starry skies, close our eyes, pretend to fly! It's always Penny and me tonight. :)

Minute Without You. I am not sure if this song is new, but most probably the pinaka latest Hanson song na na alam ko...I love it's tune! 'Cause when the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days
Then a week goes by--you know it takes my breath away

And of course, I still wanted to hear the Mmmbop live! It was that part of the concert when Krissy and I just stood up and danced! I think that makes Krissy the best concert buddy ever, I am so comfortable dancing and going crazy around her. :)

Post-concert, with Krissy and Helga Hanson! :) Hehe!

I can't believe it has been 15 years, no wonder most people of my generation who swooned over these then-heartthrobs had easily forgotten our puppy loves. The song Mmmbop (though often used as a joke) said it best:

You have so many relationships in this life 
Only one or two will last 
You go through all this pain and strife 
Then you turn your back and they're gone so fast 
And they're gone so fast 
So hold on the ones who really care 
In the end they'll be the only ones there 
When you get old and start losing your hair 
Can you tell me who will still care?
Can you tell me who will still care?

Will never forget when Taylor said: Thank you for the 15 years. If you are all still here after 15 years, we will still be here. <3

...My love for them just multiplied a hundred times. 
Still on Hanson High!


  1. Kaaliw tong post mo!! :) As always, f na f kong andun ako mismo sa event dahil sa pagk-kwento mo! I just love it! ♥ Ibang-iba talaga music wayyy 90s. ;)


    1. Thank you Arnie! :) Feel ko minsan i am losing my story telling touch! :) Hope I didnt bore you with my long posts!!

  2. Still on a Hanson high ♥

    Sabi ko nga hindi ako ultra-super fan before, pero ngayon naku I am an instant convert! Love them forever!!!!! ♥

    And thank you rin sis for indulging me, super thankful and happy ako na I have a concert buddy in you, love you! =)

    Nakakaiyak isipin yun 15 years from now ♥♥

    1. True! Super goosebumps, I love looking back dun sa moment na yun, when the trio was just super thankful sa crowd :) Ang ganda ng feeling! :) Music <3

  3. I was there too! :) Right side Gen Ad with my officemates. Tatlo lang kami dun! Kaya talon lang ako ng talon, ayan...dumausdos ako pababa ng bleachers. May souvenir na pasa mula sa concert :))

    Minute Without You is a song from Middle of Nowhere, sa first album :)

    Although Araneta was (sort of) empty, the boys still gave it their all. Angat ang respect sa kanila nang bonggang bongga :)

    Ian A.


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