Holy Week--Instagramed!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bellevue Hotel in Alabang at 8am of Thursday with Cea and the parentals for The Feast's 3-day retreat in the grand ballroom. 

Before heading to the recollection...Split the American breakfast with Cea, because it was my first time there and I wanted to try this hotel's food:

Visita Iglesia that night, we were able to go to 9 different churches in the south. Sayang it would have been more if we try to go sa Makati area, but yearly around 9 lang talaga napupuntahan namin:

Cotton Candy outside BF's Resurrection Church is also part of the tradition since we were kids, hehe

Stayed at home the whole Friday to catch some sleep. The vacay also gave me time to make these: (what is "I love my work, it isn't work na at all!")

Went to Bellevue Hotel again today for the recollection (missed the one last Friday :P)

Learned a lot of important things from this blessed weekend, but one that struck me most is a reminder that goes something like how you perceive your God effects what you become. See Him as a compassionate, loving Father who wouldn't fail you. Let's see how it will transform your life for the better. :)

The Feast (Light of Jesus) will have a Grand Easter Celebration tomorrow with Bo Sanchez, 8am in SMX! :) See you!

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