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Saturday, April 07, 2012

This was after the SM Parisian photo shoot. Please bear with my "binagyo" look, because that was just what happened--binagyo ako! :P Went to my dentist before going here to have my braces installed, so people who were in the Parisian event saw my "before-and-after"! :D It rained on my way to the mall to catch the shuttle provided, nawalan nako sa mood to change. Plus the braces. Nakakainsecure pa at first! Wasn't my sociable self that day, met lots of new bloggers panaman sigh.. oh well, photos from the event!

That's pretty Kookie I got to chika with before she left, my beb Ava, Team Motives makeup, Megann, Arnie, and her friend Jacky:

Serious sa pag picture hahaha:

We won raffles (a first public picture, and of course I had to cover my braces with my prize :p)

Or nagchichikahan na kami nila Pax and Sarah! Haha, parang ang tatagal di nagsama!

I won the second time! Haha! Kanwari pa-cute yun show-off prize haha:

The blogger seatmates and shuttlemates! Thank you for your patience!!!

The pretty host Ms. Lexi Schulze! She kept the crowd alive even though a lot were stressed with the sudden downpour! Love her!

There was a makeup demo by Motives where the models were sooo pretty! ;) Hehe!

...of course, they had my dear friends Angel Rodriguez and Keigh Jalbuena!

Then a fashion show!

Go Angel!!! :) That dress!

Go Zeti! That pose! :)

Keigh is also super pretty!

Go bloggers! :)

Funky Plum Vintage's many ways tops (available in many colors!)

There were singing! :) Ms. Sheila Amora of Funky Plum Vintage serenading her birthday celebrant husband made us all go awwww....

A beautiful family!

More fashion show favorites:

Then a sweet AVP. I love this: Not all angels have wings, some just have...Great outfits!

Keigh and Ava!

Idol Kookie!

My sistah Pax!

My other sister, Sarah! The girly long-haired version! ;P

Yehey that's me! Smashed between awesome girls Angel and Keigh!

Ms. Sheila's kids had the standing ovation in the runway! Ang cucute!!!

Group pictures of the bloggers! Aka, parang nagkita lang uli kami nila Pax at Sarah! Hahaha!

Anong ganap namin, hahaha!

Pax: Natatakpan naman tayo, hindi naman tayo kita!

Me: Tiptoe tayo!

Nakuha ko pa mag babay, hahahahaha!

Checked out the store:

Oooh! Monroe! Aside from the clothes, I am loving their store set-up!

They also have shoes:

A photo with Ms. Sheila Amora! :)

Daldalan again with Pax! Did you know 2 brackets kaagad natanggal sakin that night, lol.

Waiting with Dennis and Mich! 

Mich and Pax treated me my "soft dinner"...first meal with braces! Ang sweet!

And behind this photo is pulos kalokohan stories! Wouldn't divulge on the deets because the joke was on me hahahaha... Basta shinot ko daw ang bellpepper, and as someone still "breaking" her braces, I have to relearn how to swallow, even my own saliva. :P Hahahaha, parang bata. :P 
Sorry for blabbing about my braces the whole time, hahaha! Anyway, do score the greatest finds in Funky Plum Vintage!

Funky Plum Vintage
2nd Level of Pergola Mall, BF Homes, Paranaque City
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Here's a photo of me with my first Funky Plum Vintage piece:

You'll definitely be wearing something unique when you go over FPV!



  1. Kumanta si Ms Sheila??? When did this happen??? Haha. Love ko yung nagchichikahan kayo sa background! Talagang nag-wave ka pa! Haha. See you on Tuesday! :)

    1. Hahahaha benta asan ka nun kumanta si ms. sheila?? :D

  2. hi ana, do you know how to commute to Pergola Mall coming from buendia LRT?


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