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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Donned an ensemble yesterday that made Angel reserve my dress kahit hindi ko pa siya binebenta (lol)

I was thinking more of the Philippine Flag (sun rays as my necklace, o diba?), but Paul and Angel thought I dressed up as Wonder Woman. Pwede na din--first day naman ng showing ng Avengers, lol!

Before anything, let me (awkwardly) greet The Fashionista Commuter blog a HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY! Super saya that back then I wouldn't even tell my friends about this blog, and now I gained MORE friends because of this online tambayan. Now, tignan niyo naman ang first entry ko (and outfit pics!) - Hehehe!

I miss my black hair haha!
To more years, cheers? CHEERS!

First ganap: PF Changs' in Alabang Town Center:

Accompanied my blog friend Angel to a lunch and makeover session she won through Blood Rush.
I also met the pretty and cool Blood Rush blog kids: Celine, Jay, and Afianne!

My first time in PF Changs, interesting interiors: 

Sucker for "special sauce" 

Not your ordinary iced tea, this is TAMARIND iced tea! :D

Vegetarian spring rolls na bagay sa "special sauce"

My favorite, the fried rice! :) I love flavored rice talaga.

After the heavy lunch, headed to Azta Urban Salon (still in ATC) for Angel's makeover!

Ombre-ing an already cool shaved head! Doble dobleng cool na? Lol! 

Angel enjoyed the dry shampoo thingie, only by Azta!

A photo with the stylish and sweet Afianne, before leaving Angel and Alabang for more ganaps that day!

I also went to a scents event c/o Prestige Philippines and then crashed to the Bench event as "best friend" Paul's "date" where I won P12,500 GCs (epic!!!), but I'll talk more about those ganaps in separate posts. For now, leaving you with more food pictures from our Heaven N Eggs dinner, post-events:

Tired from a whole day of happenings (separate, and together), but still, managed to go crazy and mag hiritan pa ng wagas inside a quiet restaurant. Hahaha! 

Ang dami kong arguments about being a fashion blogger and being materialistic and all that echuserang issues, plus I want to go sentimental again just because it's another new year for my blog---but I already had 3 years of doing just that, so I'll spare you today ng aking EmoGon side (hehe). Isa lang masasabi ko (forgive me), if there's anything good that came out from being a blogger, it's having YOU as my friends. :) 

....AYYYY sabi ng di nako hihirit e hahahaha!

Peace, love, and happiness to you you and youuuu! :)


  1. I love the dress! I want to reserve one too, kaso not sure if it'll fit me. I love love love stars!

    1. Hihihi Ive loved stars din since high school! :))

    2. Its something I think would never get old, parang si Hello Kitty lang. Haha! :)

      I hope that I can grab your dress once you sell it. :D Keep up the nice work on the blog! Happy 3rd birthday!

  2. Juskooo hahaha you already ang may uber daming GCs babe! Kalurks, shopping spree na yan! I wish I had your luck! *_* Happy anniversary to your blog, Ana! Looking at your old photos, hindi nagbago face mo, still youthful through time. :)


    1. Thanks Arnie for always following my posts, and for telling me I look "youthful" hahaha :)) See youuu!

  3. your blog is so nice and I am one of those that was inspired by ehehe. blogging about litle travels, everyday look and inspiring things is so Anagon, something that may be I wish I could have. Keep on inspiring! happy blogsary :)

    1. I super appreciate this, made my day thank you Christeen! :) Hope to see you here more often! :) <3

  4. Hi Ate Ana! Congrats to The Fashionista Commuter for the three bright years of existence! Haha :D I would like to say that your blog's really interesting to me since I commute a lot. Your blog showed na despite the hassles of commuting, you can still dress fashionably the way you want to. Very inspiring, too. :)

    Congratulations! Cheers to The Fashionista Commuter and to more years! :D

  5. aww dapat pupunta ako dito!! huhuhu biglang last minute hindi :( namiss ko kayo lalo! and happy 3rd birthday, FC!! hehe naalala ko pa before pinipilit kitang mag chictopia kasi love ko looks mo! hee. :)


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