Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last Tuesday, with the Krissyfied and the Wonder Woman, I looked around Trinoma's TOMATO store to check out their summer finds. We were supposed to catch Titanic in 3D, but the movie sched didn't permit us...So ano pa nga ba ang pampalubag loob: SHOPPING!

With Krissy ....wearing our pa-cute terno polka dots dress!

Konting pampaliit ng braso pose, lol:

I really like this dress, but Angel and Krissy told me to get something different naman from my luwag luwagan style:

Maxi and printed, FTW!

Aside from these clothes, here are the other items in Tomato Trinoma that caught my eyes:

Polka dots swimwear with a different cut:

Highwaist swimsuit:

Another cool swimwear:

Floral Flats:

Oversized tan bag with braided handles:

Colored shorts:

Sea green sling bag:

Classy black and white flats:

Tribal tank top:

 Men's watches:

Neon Watches:

Neon wallets:

Angel also bought a very Grecian goddess dress, and gave Krissy the terno dress as birthday gift. She got 3 free charmed bead bracelets for her purchases! :) Yey for friendship bracelets!

Have a fun, fashionable summer! Head over to Tomato Trinoma and update your wardrobe! 

Do you have your own TOMATO purchases yet? Share!
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  1. waah :( they have shorts there! nasad mega parang wala naman :(

  2. Tama! No more luwag luwagan! Haha. I saw a polka dot dress at the event last night and was gonna buy it. White with black polka dots pero parang hindi Mad Men yung cut eh. So talagang photographer nalang ako on our Johnny Rockets day ;)

    1. Excited ako! :) And cool nun black and white version din and may sleeves akk!

  3. Ana! super bagay nung polka dress sayo! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Nice nga! :) I love most of their items, infer!!!


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