Candy Style Awards: Sweet like Candy to my soul...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

My second washed-out picture with Angel Rodriguez, my fellow Blogger - slash - Candy Girl - slash - Ex-Candy Council of Cool Member (siya batch 3, ako batch 7 na ata!):

This was taken in Rockwell Tent yesterday, when we entered the venue for the first ever Candy Style Awards. Before that, we had a long (biglaang-rainy, Friday night) travel-time from Fort (Marta's Cakes ganap), but fortunately relak relak lang kami in Paul's car. Waited for the traffic to cooperate while reading a Candymag where the Crash Into Me line was quoted. (Thanks for the ride Paul!)

photo from vergil chua

 We were on time! But when we got there, ang haba na ng line of fashown Candy Girls waiting for the gates to open:

I am sure each of them carried their ticket to the event: A copy of Candymag May issue, with Thai celebrity Mario Maurer on the cover!

The venue was just WOW. I love the pink stars balloons! :)

We stayed inside the press area, as bloggers, na medyo weird for me at first. I've been to a lot of Candy events (the one na rock star and theme, plus Candy Fairs for my bazaar stints)--and I think first time ko to to go there as part of the "friends and members of the media" Lol! It was cool, though!

 Nearer the stage:

The gang: Arnie, Angel, Kelly and Paul:

Buti we went on time in the hopes of catching the early part of the program, since I had to leave for a dinner at around 7pm. I realized, though, that the show wouldn't start anytime soon, so I decided to make the most out of my few hours there.. Thanks to Arnie who gamely tagged along with me, here are the things we were able to do:

Checked out the open bar by Party Fuel Mobile Bar...

I was wondering why they'll serve alcohol in a teenfested affair...

...Then I found out that these colored refreshments are just mocktails! Yum yum, Arnie and I had 2 shots each, "pampalakas ng loob", chos!

There's a Lactacyd booth:

A booth with Candy Babies, este, Cuties! I felt so old:

 A Pic Me free photo booth area:

Di namin pinalagpas ni Arnie maging Candy Cover Girls! :D Well, kahit mock-cover lang hehehe... Alam na kung ano ang word of the day, lol:

 Yehey! I am super happy to see Candy Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Marla Miniano! One of my favorite local writers! :)

Also, took advantage of our spot, and attempted paparazzi pictures with my not-so-pampaparazzi camera hehe (ang labo pakak ;p):

 Girls were screaming for Ivan Dorschner of PBB! :)

Rubbin' elbows with former PBB Housemates Semerad Twins:

Sweet teen star Kathryn Bernardo, ran (in her heels) to the girls, talked with them...

...And allowed photo ops! :)

 Ivan Dorschner did the same:

And so did Lauren Young:

Also spotted fab fashion bloggers! My favorite "twins" Vern and Verniece Enciso:

The pretty Alyssa and Lexi:

Sayang, yan na lahat for my coverage of the night. It would have been fun to catch the performances of Legit Status, Someday Dream, and Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona.

I heard that celebrities who exuded fashion flair were awarded in the celebrity award category: 
  • Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose were hailed as the most Stylish Love Team 
  • Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo were named as the most Stylish BFFs
  • Megan Young and Lauren Young nabbed the most Stylish Sisters award
  • Clara Magalona the Junior Style Star award 
  • Rammy Bitong won the most Stylish Candy Cutie award.

While the eight Candy Style Stars, who Candy revealed in their May 2012 issue, were presented and recognized in the event, including fashion bloggers Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, and Kryz Uy; actresses Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sarah Lahbati; and DJ/Host Jaz Reyes.

I also felt bad that I wasn't able to catch some of the Candy kids who tweeted me that they're coming to the affair. Bummer! Oh well, there's always the Candy Fair to look forward to before the year ends! :) (And Bloggers United in June 2! :D)

My solo mock-cover for Candymag! ;D Haha!
Dapat ata nag Candy Wink ako, hehe! ;D

Congrats again Candy Magazine for throwing another cool party for the teens, and the young at heart!!! :-) I am forever a fan! 


  1. Ana!!! :) Sobrang naenjoy ko pag-gala natin around the tent! Haha mga fail moves sa pag-spot ng stylish teens sa ngalan ng shy tayo. HAHA! Love you! Til next "mock" drinks!! ♥

  2. Girl... Disappointed ako. NO CANDY WINK ON YOUR CANDY COVER??? Haha. Joke lang! It's actually a good thing that you left early. Nasiraan ako ng bait kay Ivan. Naging isa ako dun sa mga sumisigaw na fan girl. :(

  3. great event ana! :)i hope i get to meet you soon na talaga:D
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. Arnie: Yehey I had fun din Arnie! Till next!

    Rovie: SOON! :) Thank youuu!

  5. the whole event seems great and a lot of fun!!

    paint it stripes

    New DIY is up on my blog, Hope you can check it out :)

  6. Natawa ako sa "dapat pala nag candy wink ako" =)) Panalo ka talaga! Hahaha! Sayang na miss ko yung Candy Style Awards! </3 Huhu I miss you, hypermaaaate!!! :)

  7. Ano po ginagawa ng Council of Cool? I really want to join pero siguro para sa Manila residents lanf yan (Mindanao po ako based).


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