Marta made us design our cakes :)

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sweetness overload! I think nachallenge ang panlaban kong sweet tooth for the consecutive dessert events (Krispy Kreme, Swensen's...)!

Went to Marta's Cakes naman yesterday, after encountering lots of Fashionista Commuter mishaps (mabilad sa nakakapasong araw dahil walang panukli si manong tric, nasirang bus sa gitna ng EDSA, biglang ulan nang wala akong baong payong), but eventually I reached the Serendra branch in one piece-- one hour late, but at least!

Lakas ng good vibes when I entered the cake shop:

Cute! The Cupcake Game:

Bawal colors dito (lol):

Dream ko magkaron ng rows of jars na may candies in my house. Childhood memories when we used to visit my rich tita in Antipolo na may prepared treats for the kids in her room! :)

In love with the lamps, kahit may mapundido jan walang makakapansin:

Before I went on with the activity, I checked out their impressive displays. Styro, pero pwedeng ipa-remake for your parties and ganaps:

Bonggang "Designer" Cupcakes:

I used to want to become a volleyball player (haha)--Leila Barros woot woot!

I'd love to swipe this iPad screen, and lick my finger! Lol.

Pwede tong pang peace offering a! :) Hmm!

Definitely a bestseller, di lang sa bookstore, kundi pati sa cake shop: Harry Potter cakes!

 Cute candy figures for the gamers and the fashion bloggers, hehe:

MERINGUE Monsters! I love meringue! Tanong niyo kay Mich ni Pax haha! Inubos ko yung bigay sa kanila ni Tati of Bubbles ;p

Nag na-9GAG ba kayo or Pinterest? :D
Puking Rainbows (haha)

 Get your customized cakes here! Check out the sizes...Parang anong wala dito? Haha!

 Back in 2008, still a penniless freelance writer (and addicted to Moulin Rouge, haha), I already featured Marta's Cakes for a magazine called Current.

I just interviewed their PR and ate their goodies, but I wasn't able to join in their must-try when you're in Marta's Cakes...

...Decorate your own cookies and cupcakes! :D Finally natry ko nadin siya! Check out the kits:

Excited! I love this, parang balik Art Club lang ako! Hahaha!

Angel enjoying her creeeamyyy milkshake in between the Art Attack sesh:

She, of course, created the Wonder Woman logo:

My other seatmates Paul and Vergil, serious lang!

Career lang! Paul created Wonder Woman and Superman Cupcakes!

Vergil's crazy textured creations! Such an artist! :D

Mine: Before...

...Oha! Tea Party with the Mad Hatter!

My cupcakes: One is a Tribal Cupcake, and the other one I drew on my Peace-Heart logo...natutunaw version!

The icing started dripping, deforming the design...kaya pinatungan ko! Ayan ang naging second look nya:

Akk! Mess!!! :P Pero sabi ng Art Teacher ko noon na si Tito Wacky (o Walley?) "The messier the better!" Classic!

 Pero sabi ni Vergil: Mas masarap nga tignan pag ganyan e!
Me: Anong ganyan?!
Vergil: Yung nag ddrip, parang Nickelodeon lang!

Thanks Vergil! Dahil jan, I felt like I made the best creations (kahit hindi naman, lol)! Hahaha, pag ako naging magulang I'll never forget Vergil's words of encouragement, lol!

Create your own cupcakes for Php 160:

 Before leaving, we spotted a cutiepie kid, busy with her edible art:

The boys said the activity was therapeutic. For me naman, I find it a nice afternoon bonding activity with friends (chikahan and lokohan habang nag pipinta--pinta talaga!!).Take your kids to Marta's Cakes to enhance their creativity. Let them do their own thing--malay niyo you might just have a future artist or baker with you.:)


  1. Bilis! Super enjoyed the afternoon with you guys could've stayed for lunch but dad was waiting. See you soon!


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. I was reading while drinking water tapos talagang water came out of my nose (gross, pero funny) nung nakita ko yung puking rainbows. HAHAHA. Had a great time with you as always, Ana. Even tho you lost the race to Paul otw there. :p

    Shit. Nabasa pala laptop screen ko...

  3. wow! natakam ako sa merengue monsters!!


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