DIY Day with Sarah Tirona! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Went out yesterday for a very short but sulit coffee break with some of my "basketball friends", haven't seen them for a long time! Sana next time kumpleto na kami! :)

Later on, went to my dear blogger friend Sarah Tirona's house in Greenhills, and spent the afternoon with her.....

....She took my outfit picture by her "signature backdrop"! :)

Poses directed by Sarah herself! Woot! Thanks Sarah! :D 

I wore something comfortable (as usual, haha) since our plan was just to stay in for a DIY day. 
Top with shoulder cut-outs - Kashieca
Denim Shorts - Forever 21
Satchel - Paisley
Accessories - Anagon
Slippers - Down Boy, The Flat Shop

I love my new comfortable slippers. I don't usually go out wearing open footwear since I commute, and I hate it when my feet gets dirty maliban kung asa sand naman (lol, namana ko sa ate kong OC!). But yesterday I wanted to try out this cute DB velvety flip flops from The Flat Shop. Ang cute nung fleur de lis accent, lakas maka sosy! Also, super comfy niya, the straps won't hurt your feet after long walks, and the cushion supports your every walk and stride--paakyat man yan ng bus or ng steep stairs ng MRT station!

...We then headed out for a few hours to buy some DIY essentials in GH (garter, Zonrox for bleaching)...After which we rested and nagpalamig inside one of the malls. Sarah made me try a vegetarian food place: Big Chill's Cafeteria Verde!

Unlike the Big Chill shakes place na nakilala ko, this Green Hills branch serves FOOD. And VEGETARIAN foods pa! :D

 We both had the meal with the veggie burger and the bean and cheese taquitos (salap!)...

 The meal comes with their classic fruit shake na, for only P99--all in!!!

We went home for the DIY, and to meet our other friend Pax
Our first project: We started with bleaching a part of my old denim maxi skirt:

Learning from the DIY queen herself:

 (Will showcase finished product in a future outfitey post!)

I also learned how to use her sewing machine...The tool that made all the pretty maxi skirts, skater skirts, and kimonos we love:

I brought the bottom part of the maxi dress na ginupit ko, my plan was to turn it into a skater skirt. Pax and I watched Sarah start on the retaso:

Chewy was also there to entertain us with his (or her?) cuteness! :)

Finished the skirt on my own:
(Takot ako sa karayom, kaya ako naging accessories maker e haha)

With Sarah's guide, I was able to make THIS! :D Woot! Brand new skirt!

I also brought the upper part of the dress to fix the jagged hem from impulsively cutting it:
 Sarah said for a beginner, I did a great job! :) Yehey!

Sarah and Papa D also taught me and Pax how to cook menudo! :)

It was a long day, even inserted a Bloggers United meeting with Pax before heading home, but I actually had fun.

Without realizing it, the afternoon was spent experiencing what it is like to have Sarah as a mom. She fixed all the mess (tubs, pails, Zonrox) I used to make my bleached skirt, took me to a vegetarian place to accommodate my food preference, and, on sewing, told me that "for a beginner, you are doing a good job!"--although kung makita niyo lang ang tinahi ko parang gumawa ako ng multi mullet dress at hindi pantay pantay (LOL!).

This post is dedicated to a mommy blogger friend, that, although we've just been hanging out lately, has influenced me to be a better person. If before I called her idol in her posts because of her style and aura, now I look up to her because I saw a role model I can become although where I am now, everything's a blur pa. 

Happy Mother's Day Sarah T! :)


  1. pinaiyak mo naman ako! hahaha, ang pangit ng picture ko sa cafe verde! hahahaha! :P ngarag?? love you babe! you're such a great person inside out, take it easy on yourself, you're much much better than you can ever imagine yourself to be! <3

  2. i love this post!i agree with every word u said!:) sarah is one amazing and gorgeous mom!:)

  3. Super sweet <3
    And ang fun ng ginawa nyo hihi <3
    Happy Mothers' Day, Mommy Sarah <3

    Bianca Sing

  4. it's always cool to see the three of you together. :)

  5. haha so cute!


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