Fashion Roadtrip: Second Stop - The Little Thing She Needs!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Most brands would opt for a short, sweet, and catchy name... But not for this store. The Little Thing She Needs might be the longest store name I've encountered, but boy did it still caught my attention! True to its brand name, TLTSN houses every little thing a girl needs! I love this shop!

With my fellow Fashion Roadtrip Bloggers, we walked from VNC (story posted here) going to our second stop which is located at the ground floor of the Eastwood City Walk 2. 

I love this look, future peg!

Along with 5 bloggers who got this card that represents Spring, we chose our pretty new pair of TLTSN shoes! :)

It's so hard to pick just one pair, especially when you're in a store that houses beautiful shoes (both heels and flats). But more than the up-to-date styles, I love it that TLTSN is very size friendly! A big foot like me found pairs available in my size! :)

Here are some of the "runner ups":

Wedges with ankle sling detail:

Navy blue and red wedges can make a statement to ones outfit:

Brown wedges are closet staples:

These red wedges look sooo comfy!

For the flats:

Red flats with knot design:

Light denim flats with red lining:

Dainty floral flats with bows:

Stripe flats add a nautical spin to an ensemble:

Endless summer vibes with an espadrilles with red and navy canvass:

Quilt flats in white and black are so classy, very Audrey Hepburn!

Aside from shoes, the store also carries accessories, bags, shades, and wallets--The Little Thing She Needs indeed! Check out the store for more of their designs:

I really love these slimming navy wedges:

But after much deliberation, these comfy heels in neutral color won:

With fellow TLTSN bloggers: Verniece and Vern Enciso, Krissy Cruz, and Marj Sia:

I AGAIN won the first to tweet game, along with Pax and Tracy! Hahaha! Napaghahalataang sanay mag Twitter! ;P Lol.

Worth it because I got new cute trinkets:
Thank you TLTSN!

We were ready for our next (and last) stop, which is in Green Hills pa. Everyone got so excited when we saw the coaster waiting to take us to our next destination:
 Bongga! The event is not called "Fashion Roadtrip" for nothing! Loving every minute of it......

(To be continued...)

TLTSN is located in Eastwood City Walk 2 and Robinsons Galleria. For more of The Little Thing She Needs info and updates, head over to and


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