Momo Cafe Mother's Day Giveaway!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

No one will ever top the unconditional love that comes from my mom. She'll "Like" all my vain pictures on Facebook, prepare my own vegetarian meals everyday (tirelessly!), forget that I didn't wash the dishes last night, and even take me to the hospital at wee hours of the night at the first sight of parang-may-sakit-ako symptoms (yup, even at this age). I know that she'll never judge my impulsive actions and (often) irrational feelings. She may get worried or be too over-protective, but it's because she cares. (So she deserves your explanation man lang, and siguro, kahit slight kwento of your day. She loves listening to these things :))

Mothers' Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate this once a year occasion than treating your mom? MoMo Café (located in Eastwood Mall and Ayala Triangle) has put together a P395 set menu to bring moms that flavorful dining experience!

Start the feast with a garnished bowl of greens made fresh with sliced oranges that is The MoMo! Gourmet.

Liven up your taste buds with the Crispy “Nacho Style” Jalapeno Cheddarella Cheese Rolls, which are a tangy mix of chili beef and beans, sour cream and salsa fresca.

Then, as a highlight of the celebration, there is the Slow Roasted Herb U.S. Roast Beef Fingers in creamy au jus, and a generous serving of mashed potatoes and onion rings.

To add to these already satisfying dishes, MoMo Café is giving moms an added unlimited treat of the restaurant’s range of signature smoothies such as melon lychee, watermelon and green mango, chocnut butter finger, and strawberry granola yogurt made with an interesting fusion of flavors.

As a surprise treat: Win that P1,000 gift certificate from MoMo Café, which you can use to treat your mom!


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Good Luck! Go and win this for your mom!

A part of the Raintree Restaurants group, which has other restaurants within the metro like Museum Café, Chelsea Market & Café and Mr.Jones, MoMo Café, has been bringing fun and casual dining experiences with its full selection of comfort food and drinks since 2009. To know more about MoMo Café, you may visit www.raintreerestaurants/momo or call (02) 621-6161 or (02) 621-6162. 


  1. My mom enrolled in the same Korean language class as I am all for the love of Kpop and Kdramas! She's so cool she even knows the Korean lyrics by heart. She's the best! I love her to bits!

    Daphne Huang

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  3. sobrang mahaba ang pasenya nya sa kin kasi sobrang topakin ako pero lahat ng mga topak ko nasasakyan nya.

    kaya sobrang mahal na mahal ko nanay ko:)

    leo rances garcia

  4. What I love the most about my mom is how she supports me in all ways. When I started fashion blogging, she too started to become fashion forward. She'd help me design my dress and even customize our clothes which she has never done before. She also joins me every night when I do my belly dancing session. Last but not the least, she plays Temple Run and she is so addicted to it haha and I find that super cute :))

    Andrea Comia

  5. Me and my family has this magkabarkada kind of relationship even our relatives, friends and mind you even random people we get to encounter 70% of the time will tell us "Anak niyo po? Para lang kayong magkabarkada" As my close friends know, my mama and papa got together when they were 14 and 18, respectively. My mom gave birth to my oldest sister when she was 15 (Im the youngest, Im 21 and she's only 42). Fifteen. The age when she should be enjoying her childhoood or maybe gossip with her friends about her first crush or ka-MU. This fact probably is one of the reason which helped and helps us to be more comfortable and be able to understand each other more and mas there are times na nasasakyan niya yung mga trip namin which in my opinion other parents wouldn't agree of. One example would be, me and my sibs can tease her with our dad everytime we can. =)) Me and my mom also have a nickname for each other, I call her taba and she calls me her piglet or I call her tabachingching and she calls be tabs. (Although we are not that massive naman. Massive talaga? haha). These are just minor stories which makes not just me but all of her kids love her even more. The major point why we love her so much and makes me love her even more is whenever I remember how much she fought for us and took care of us when she should just be enjoying her adolescence stage. She placed our need before hers and stayed strong even if their marriage has gone rocky and she believed that if she's strong enough to handle my father's old habits she'd be able to change him and one day she'll make us whole.
    She deserves to be rewarded bec it's just one way of showing her how much grateful we are that we have her as our bestfriend, sister and most importantly, our mother. :)

    Marie Lyn Vina Yabut

  6. Dindi Delos Santos

    “What is the quirkiest thing about your mom that makes you love her even more?”
    the way she mindlessly say thing like "dyan tayo kumain sa shakeys, antagal ko ng di nakakakain ng pizza hut" hahaha or she would think of pick up lines as a way to insult us, rather to critic us.haha
    I love my mom ! She's hilarious without even trying :))

  7. I hope this entry would still be valid even though I am joining for my father who played the role well of a MOTHER to me and to my 2 brothers for 20 years now.

    Sometimes I feel envious with girls who spend their days shopping in the mall or eating at your fave restaurant talking about your crush and other girly stuffs with your moms. But then I am always reminded that hey, I got my Dad! I may not be able to talk with my dad about those things but I can tell you that he's the smartest, the kindest, and the funniest guy I've ever known. He would tirelessly and patiently answer all my questions about life, even the existence of non-existing things and places, for he is a driver. I remember I used to cry out loud whenever my dad wouldn't bring me with him on his work. YES, I'm a daddy's girl and i'm proud of that. He would wash my uniform even if he just arrived from work and prepare me breakfast early in the morning. A SUPERDAD and a SUPERMOM in ONE as we call him. Sometimes i hate him for being so strict but now, I clearly understand why and even grateful for it.

    The fact that he raised the three of us alone and never married another woman is what makes me love and respect my father even more. He is one in a million! GOD put him to test when we lost our mom that's why I made a promise to him that even if I get married and have kids, HE will always be my one and only GUY- my driving force, inspiration, best friend, and best running mate and I will take care of him and willing to sacrifice everything for him like what he did for the three of us!

    Unlike the other girls, I'd be so delighted to celebrate mother's day with my dad and for sure, he will be surprised and happy with this!

    Sunshine Manahan

  8. Merlinda Manalo

    The quirkiest thing my mother does that I love is probably when she teams up with me teasing/laughing about my father, in a funny way, of course. And she also enjoys hearing stories about my friends, and sometimes, we laugh about them, too. (The stories, I mean, hehe.) I guess that's why it's easy for me to talk to her about anything. We can have serious parent-to-child conversations, but we can also share friendly stories. :)

  9. the quirkiest thing about my mom is how she man-handles my suitors or "yung mga umaaligid-ligid sa tabi". She has this fierce mommy lioness in her to protect her cubs from future heartaches. She sometimes do some stalking mode in fb for the guys background ( which is definitely a quirky one since my mom is on fb plus stalking my suitors!) But I know she does it to mean good.. :) I just know boys better watch out with my mom because she is one tough awesome mom- and I'm just glad she is.. because if I learned anything from mom from her many good advices is that: "Marry a man that will waste your lipstick, not your mascara." That's why I love my mom!

  10. The quirkiest thing about my mom is she's addicted to Fruit Slice! One time she woke me up just to gave her my tablet because she will play Fruit Slice! And she said "Nak, akin na yung tab, tataasan ko yung score ng tatay mo sa Fruit Slice." And when my dad got home she said to my dad "Pogs, naka300 na ko sa Fruit Slice. Ikaw hanggang 200 palang! Kaya mo ba yun?" And the battle began. They spent their evening playing Fruit Slice. And it happens so often now hahahaha. I'm not complaining! I find it cute when my mom squeak because she sliced the bomb! And I love hearing her laugh when it was my dad's turn and she'll slice the bomb. Hahaha. Being always with her, literally WITH her hahaha, this sudden change of attitude of her is so shocking because she don't like hi-tech gadgets she don't even have a phone! My mom is improving! Hahahaha. I love her to bits and pieces. ♥

    Name: Kathrine Tan

  11. Cont. Just like my dad, my mom never fails to surprise me.. Just this morning, while my brother is playing the Teach me how to dougie song in the living room, he went to the living room just to dougie. :)) I'd always adore my parents for being kids at heart :)

  12. Quirkiest thing about my mom?

    Mas bagets pa syang tingnan and manamit kesa sakin. Yung feeling na sasabihan ka ng mga Tita mo na mas sexy pa si Mama sakin kasi sya yung laing naka-sleeveless and shorts haha :D Aaaaaand pag bumibili ako ng damit, ang una nya agad sasabihin is: "Ay kasya din yan sakin!" and then saka lang namin bibilhin haha! And kapag nasa tindahan na (convenience store namin), majjoke si daddy na kaya daw malaki ung kita kasi nakasleeveless/tube si Mama. :)) I love my mom so much <3 :)

    Myna Calangi

  13. mapagbigay siya kahit hindi siya nageexpect ng kapalit sa ibang tao. :)

    Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

  14. She prefers to relax when she travels =) She likes to make the full use of the hotel and staying in or explore at a very relaxing pace. Makes me take a step back sometimes and not rush in to experience a place in one go. Reminds you that you can do everything that makes you happy in a trip and not make you feel like your trip is wasted because u wanted to sleep in extra or just lounge around and move at your own pace =)


    Melody Co @

  15. Although my mom and I have this age gap, what I find quirky about her is that she can still dance to the rhythm of a song even just for fun. Like in random moments, she dances with my 3-year old cousin and/or at home during New Year's Eve. I think it isn't so ordinary to have a mother like that but I'm so proud of her, her accomplishments as a mom to me, a wife to my dad and a sister to her siblings. Words can't fully express how much I appreciate and love her but she's the quirkiest, best mom ever! :)

  16. Allan Reyes

    She always gives us cake on our birthday and it never fails to reach us.

  17. I love how my mom laughs, how she smiles, how she copies my poses sarcastically when I'm cosplaying, how talented she is in budgeting money even though she hates Math just like me. We have same tastes for clothes, foods, hairstyles, makeup, academic subjects, etc.

    Ysabella Apolinar

  18. She secretly brings a compact video camera whenever I host events, conduct workshops, read in church, etc. She compiles everything and have her amigas watch my "performances". Mama is indeed my number one fan :)

    Name: Camille Quiambao
    Twitter: @quiam
    GFC: notyourordinaryteacher

  19. We usually chat in Facebook even though we're just in the same room haha XD

    Vera Paola Reyes

  20. Quirkiest thing about my ever loved Mama?

    Mama, my two siblings and I usually have fun in playing board games such as chess, scrabble, word factory and even snakes and ladder! haha. funny things is that when she loses she will act like us.When I have a very early call time for duty (I am student nurse) Everytime I do not eat or I eat in small serving breakfast, she will scold me because I tend not to eat when I am in hurry for duty at affiliated hospital and she will say "Ang aga-aga kong gumising tapos hind ka kakain/ kakaunti lang ang kinain mo" that's kinda sweet for me hehe.. I <3 MAMA mua mua tsup tsup YOU are my bossing! :)

    Mary Elaine Lagmay