Abi's Wedding :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Last Sunday, I woke up in Nicola's room (Sarah's daughter), took my iTouch for my every-morning browsing routine, and saw this picture:
Teary eyed as I looked at a scene na mala-SATC, si Mel kasi (the girl in pink dress) looks like the lawyer friend of Carrie Bradshaw, haha. While the bride, well, that pretty girl is my dear Abi. :)

Three of my high school barkada flew in just to be there during Abi's big day in the US. Which explains why I am not part of the picture. I don't have visa, plus I don't have the money for the plane tickets.

But thanks to technology, I saw a bit of their trip, the real happiness in their eyes na tumagos kahit sa picture, and that tinge of nervousness on their way to the church:

That's Abi's sister I haven't seen since they moved to the US after high school, then my pretty barx Icah (who also lives in the states na) and Geo:

They got matching pink nails, Abi's favorite color:

Matching cute pink bouquets: (I love the touch of white!)

Pictures of Abi were simultaneously being posted in her wall that morning, so even though I was lying down (still in Nicola's room), I welled up at the sight of my friend--a beautiful and radiant bride:

The "Pinoy" barxies Geo photo op galore with her pink heart balloons, while Reg had her imported beer (penge! lol)

My pretty ladies: Barx represent! :)

There were sweet pictures of Abi and her husband Fuong's dance:

Geo and Reg took a picture of the napkin holders I made for Abi's wedding...Which they converted into an instant accessory! ;)

Geo helped me bring the items to the US, thanks Geo!

And even though we weren't physically there, Barx did this video thing for Abi. Did the gathering of my friends and editing. Ang hirap igather ang big group, but almost complete here so success nadin! :)

Check out Abi's reaction...Priceless!

I really wish I was there to witness this special event of a high school friend. I witnessed her get her heart broken several times, made clumsy decisions, move to a faraway land where we can't protect her...But I guess all's well that ends well. In the end, the princess got her happy ending. :) It would have been great to take this toast along with some of the most important people in my life:
Cheers to solid friendships, cheers to love!

Of course!!! Asa states nalang din sila hehehe, umepekto parinig ko and Abi made me choose my Toms again (woot!)...She's also the one who gave me my gold pair! :)

In our barkada's FB groups--nagpapasahan na kung sino ang next (lol)...Ang nasabi ko nalang:

"Guysss wag na kayo magpasahan kung sino mauuna mamaya unahan ko pa kayo e lol"

Hehehehe! Congrats Abi! We love you! :)


  1. thanx for the share..keep up...STC Technologies

  2. ang cute na you were able to be part of her wedding kahit paano dahil sa gawa mong napkin holders :)

    nateary eye ako sa post mo dear. :")


  4. AnaGon!!! I love this blog!!! super! naiyak ako for Abi! hehe. and may I say, you are such a great friend. :) God bless you always! :P

  5. this is sooooooooooo nice... got so inspired when i read this, geo is a friend of a friend that became a new friend, geo and the friend visited me here in my church... went to lunch and shared lot's of common things... hope to see geo when i go home this end of the month... ohh i think it will be neat if we can be friends too hahaha... ahhh sya nga pala si "ana" kaibigan nung kaibigan nung kaibigan ko hehehehe


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