BTS: Zalora Shoot for Bloggers United!

Yesterday was crazy. Had to be my best self, but then kulang parin sa tulog (sabi ni Sarah baka kabado lang daw ako hahaha), so I was running around with barely 3hours of sleep (and no food). Okay, oa. Not that I did some thing spectacular in the video, lol, but things like this drive the Hulk in me (other side, topak mode, toyo! haha). San ba nakakabili ng lakas ng loob at talent sa kanta-sayaw? Hahaha!

Anyway! Here are the happenings and people in yesterday's long but still super fun shoot organized by ZALORA for Bloggers United 3! :) We made a lurks lang music vid of Nicki Minaj's Starships in SKYE featuring bloggers who will be selling in BU3 bazaar on June 2 (Grandview Events Place, Metropolitan Ave,, I can go on and on!). I hope marami rami sana kami, but oh well, the bloggers are super busy talaga, sayang! :P 

Ok, pictures, AND a BTS vid of the shoot! :) BTS palang yan ha, soooo EXCITED for the real vid na. Hay, sabi ko nga, CRAZYYY e! ;D

Ako na ang donya, lol. With Papa Paul and Aivan:

Mother Earth, Sarah T., and Aivan's cool "camera":

The "bawal ang colors" Gelo Arucan, aka Mickey Minaj! ;) I wonder kung anong ichura ng room nya! :)

Me to Ey-Van: Ikaw na ang magaganda ang gamit! Haha:

This is Aivan's "ang hipster mo naman" pixel shades:

Saw a good spot for outfitey pics with my ganda GF2 Sarah T! :)

We miss Pax! Akala mo isang buwan mawawala hehehe:

Mother Earth projects well! :)

Pati si Bff!

Playing with Aivan's boater hat...Who wore it better daw, lol:

The pretty girls Lexi Gancayo and Patricia Prieto:

Playing around, with Paul's instax:

 Pool scene (yup may ganyan pa! ;D)

Hirap ng ginawa namin dito ni Aivan sa scene nato, hahaha:

A big THANK YOU to TEAM ZALORA for this fun afternoon! Can't wait for the vid! :)

Watch my own BTS vid:

Visit Zalora Philippines website here.
Skyle Lounge is located in the Roofdeck, W High Street Building, 28th corner 11th Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.
Please like Bloggers United on Facebook for more updates and info on the bazaar.


  1. yay! ambilis! ang kyot! i had fun buti nalang anjan kayo all! :)


  2. omg, nakakahiya! i blame it all on direk! infer, galing mo mag edit :P

    1. Sarah T?? :)) Ay nako, I walang spectacular sa editing ko hahaha, ang labo pa ng pixels ng cam ko, siguro it's the ability lang to capture what people wants to see--YOWN! ;D

  3. noiceeee! you wore the hat better kasi naka tilt pa sya haha nag explain :)and everyone looooks nice :) i love sarahs skirt and yes aivan has magagandang damit. mauuna akong pumila sa booth nya on bu3 :)



    1. Hahahaha natatawa ako sa explain hahaha! :D Thanks van! :) Lakas ko lang sayo hehehe ! ;) And yes unahan sa cute things ni Aivan!!!!

    2. Hahaha! You girls are funny! Sure yan ah, bili kayo sakin ah :P

  4. Oh my gosh! You have braces! Hahaha ang late ba? :P Anyway, cute ka pa rin! Yey goodluck with BU 3 :)

  5. ahhh congrats Miss Ana! I'm so jealous!!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  6. I had so much fun playing with you Ana! Hahaha Hindi pa naman umaalis ang 50 followers ko! Hahaha #InsideJoke See you soon Ana, more tawanan and katamadan, please :D


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