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Thursday, June 14, 2012

After tweeting and posting an Instagram picture, I finally found out who sent these really thoughtful (and very useful!) gifts few days ago:

They're from the bags haven na palagi kong nakikita sa magazines and lifestyle shows: BAGS IN THE CITY!

I super ADORE the look of their store...actually di bagay tawaging store ...dapat boutique (nuks)

Parang asa ibang coun-chry lang!!!

BAGS IN THE CITY produces all sorts of bags (laptop bags, sports bags, cosmetic bags, etcetera), and offers high quality products at competitive price for more than 15 years already. The brand also offers customized items--from designing to manufacturing bags or boxes according to clients' needs.

Being a "gypsy" and overnight queen, I just LOVE their oversized bags, lalo yung sa second row!!!

Back to my new BAGS IN THE CITY items:

Laminated Rope Bag (Php 650) - a sobrang roomy canvass bag (16" x 7" x 11") with cute cats print, laminated with transparent plastic, and with cotton rope handle:

The bag comes with a cute terno purse na nilagyan ko na ng iShuffle ko and my camera. The OC people will love this! With side pockets, ayan jan na si payong ko nakalagay hehe:

Ideal as beach bag (since waterproof) or a diaper bag for the mudras. Pero ako I use it para mag feeling donya while strolling around High Street, chos. Seriously, naiimagine ko kung toy dog lang sila Keeks and Ting namin (Crazy Gonzales' resident pets)...bagay din sila sa loob nito! Hehe. Check out the other bet prints:

Vintage floral prints are so dear to me:

Hearts for the cutesy like Krissyfied hehe:

Betchinells ang mexicana print, very festive!

My other item is a 32" x 18" poly canvass Accessories Organizer (Php 480):

Minsan sa super busy, lagay nalang sa isang big box ang accessories...Kung hindi magbuhol buhol, nasasayang din yung iba kasi hindi nagagamit at nakabaon na sa pile. Unlike if you place them individually like this:

Aside from the 30 pockets, another awesome thing about Bags in the City's Accessories Organizer is that it is BACK TO BACK:


Available in other colors:

Convinced yet? Head over to your nearest BAGS IN THE CITY branch:

I am actually eyeing the 6-compartment watch box (P650)
 Gift idea for daddykins on Father's Day? :)

Shop without the hassles! Visit them online:


  1. wow! this is so great! will definitely check their store! badly need those accessories organizer! :D

  2. Wow!!! Pwede!! ♥ I've been searching for the perfect storage for my accessories, thank God you shared this! Thank you Ana. :) :) Makapag-GH na nga! Haha see you sooooon!!



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