Lousy Love, and an Invitation to FLIQUE 90s Party!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luwag luwagan coat - F21
Top with Gold fish print - F-Stop
Black Skater Skirt - Sarah Tirona
Black tights - Leg Love
Shoes - Parisian
Bag - Lapdance
Necklace - Love Diva 

Deym! I just created all 6 "passe blogger poses", lol. The simpleng tayo lang, the konting angle ng legs para mukang payat, the tingin sa sahig para hindi mailang, crossover, arm-holding-elbow, and the walking pose. Shyet, wala na ako maisip! Haha! 

Anyway, masaya naman that we can wear our winter collection pieces again, lol. Satin kasi dito, onting ulan, ilabas na ang boots with the fur! Irampa na ang trench coat! Sayang ang chance! Hehe!

Anyway, wore this lakas-maka-pagbabalik ng goth-boho ensemble for a furniture event (more kwento on this next time!), and a meeting with my feel-good friend Pax for a new magazine....Under the Playboy Philippines publication!

Yo, new Playboy Playmates? LOL!

Last na! Hehehe:

But infairness naman sa Catholic School Girl heart ko (lol), we weren't there for the daring magazine (though we met Playboy Playmates during our short stay in their HQ..lurks!!!). We have exciting projects and future collabs with a new hip magazine called FLIQUE!
June-July 2012 issue is out already! Get your copy na, saw lots of familiar faces inside like Kaye Awatin, Tracy Ayson, Alyssa Lapid, Verniece Enciso, Bjorn Bedayo, Camille Co, etcetera!!! :) 

With the FLIQUE team Vince, Steph, and Leah:

...And before we adjourned our fun meeting, they handed us our "trophies"...LUUURKS! Babaunin ko nalang to sa Baguio, hahaha:

 Ending this post with an invitation to FLIQUE's coming event!!! 90s party ito!!! Taraaaaa!!!

Magisip palang ng outfitey...NAEEXCITE NAKO! Plus, cool daw ang sounds they prepared for this party....EXCITING!!! 90s guys!! 90s!!!!!!! See youuu!!!

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  1. Love your outfit and Ms pax's outfit too! :)

    Join my Show Giveaway; Asian Vogue X The Living Closet

  2. "Satin kasi dito, onting ulan, ilabas na ang boots with the fur! Irampa na ang trench coat! Sayang ang chance! Hehe!"

    Haha, super true!

  3. I really love what you're wearing :))
    Love your style!


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