Project Flawless Part 2: Getting to know their new endorser

Saturday, July 07, 2012

...THE Divine Lee!

How did your blog start? What was the reason why you started a blog?

The main reason why I started the blog is that I felt like I was misunderstood.
People would always write different things. Siyempre, I go to a shoot, they get to know me, of course they would still write, for example, it's a fashion magazine, they would only talk about my fashion aspect. I felt that I'm a bigger and more complicated character than how they would depict me in issues and write-ups. So I decided na, I want people naman to know who I really am… So I started a blog.

So I would write, when I write for a newspaper, iba young tone ko. Iba din yung for a magazine. But when I started my blog, it's like I'm making chismisan with my becky friends lang. And that's how people got to know me coz I would treat them like how I would treat my closest friends. So that's how the blog really started.

So your blog is really more of an intimate type of blog?

I would share things there that I would usually call my closest friends, like Jake,
"May bago akong nadiscover na pamapaganda". I would share it with my blog the same way that I would tell them. I guess people got to know me better that way. Para na kaming friends. And when I see them, I get excited kasi everyday of my life, I’m writing and I'm sharing something to them. So when I see someone and they say, "OMG, I'm a fierce follower", I feel like I know them na rin; from tweeting, to tumblr to the blog nga.

And so it shows that you’re just genuine& you’re not afraid to show who you are

I mean Victor (Basa) is very particular about spelling, grammar, I'm like "Naintindihan mo yung sinulat ko?" Victor: Yeah, it's wrong" Me: "O alma mo ngang wrong pero naintindihan mo, so ok na yan" (laughs). I don't check. I’m really excited when I write so I just write everything. Minsan mali mali young words, ganyan. Victor: "Your blog is the pinakamagulo"

Even Google AdSense wont accept me coz I'm taglish. But forget it, It's more of like a personal diary talking to a best friend.

So what are your projects this year and next year?

Right now I'm busy with Juicy, and Extreme Makeover and we're also continuing charity projects like CDO and the victims of Ondoy. I'm more focused on that.

We're also starting a full website for the digital part. Medyo di na kaya ng tumblr young load ko nagagalit na sila. There were times na nagbubug down na siya. So now, we'll have a Divine wall, so may mga ganon ng aspect. Hopefully matapos siya within 2-3 months. Medyo heavy siya ah. Hindi ako techie na person. So I have to ask Victor to help me with all the backend.

You're always busy. How do you keep yourself relaxed?
How do you keep yourself stress free and still have a flawless skin?

 It's an ongoing joke with all my friends na si Divine, hinahanap niya talaga nag fountain of youth. And I think I know where to find it (laughs).

First, I can call them at 3am and tell them "OMG, may bagging service na you have to try".  I found my home here in Flawless. It seems na nagshoot naman and naging swak yung things na kailangan ko". And you know, Im a very busy person, so I don't have time to set an appointment. I like the idea na I can go to the mall, then treatment na then I can go back to work, go back to taping.
It's very easy and it's hassle free, like how I wanted it to be.

The doctors are good. May mga suki na nag ako eh. You tend to go back coz of the service you are getting and okay talaga siya.

Personal Skin Care Treatments?

I really love sunblock. Specially with my show, Extreme Makeover, I'm under the sun.  I also take these tablets given to me by Ruby one or two years ago. I continue to take those. I felt like my skin is better, yung condition niya pati smooth na siya sa texture. Last is, personally, I never sleep with make up on, ever. That's why I have white sheets. Para talaga mapilitan ako maghugas ng much every night.

What can you say about Frac N Roll of Flawless?

Hey guys, nahanap ko na young matagal na nating hinahanap sa mga sump na tinatawag nation. Lahat naman tayo may sump at one point or another. Like chicken pox, stretch marks, acne scars. Mawawala na lahat yan coz of Frac N Roll.

You guys better check it out. Ako natry ko na siya and aminin, talagang nawala yung mga things na dati kailangan ko pang i concealer. But now may solusyon na siya.You can also check out my blog or Flawless Facebook or twitter for more details. 

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