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Sunday, July 08, 2012

I am a big Goo Goo Dolls fan! Alam na alam nyo yan, sidebar ko palang may line na from Slide. At pag Here is Gone, Big Machine, Iris, Acoustic #3, Black Balloon na ang ipatugtog kahit san pa (kahit sa jeep pa yan hahaha), hindi ako maghehesitate to sing along! Isama mo pa yung song na ginawa kong title ng post na to...NAME! :D 

Anyway, spent the past weeks with less "anxiety attack mornings", and with more positive vibes (kita naman sa Instagram pics! :)). I guess tama nga ang lesson sa book na The Magic, be grateful lang with what you have.. And even for things na coming palang.

Truth is, I think what scares me most about adulthood is how we become more assuming and demanding. Little things easily disappoint us. Falling apart breaks my heart. Always in a hurry, but never satisfied. I hope we can give things again even without the need to be reciprocated. And I hope this wouldn't make us mad, or worse, make us feel hollow.

Have a great mid-year, loves. :)

And don't it make you sad to know that life 
Is more than who we are?
-Goo Goo Dolls


  1. Hope to see you again soon, Ana! :)

  2. Bilis ng panahon! Mid-year na pala. :) Really blessed to meet you guys! Super bait and beautiful inside and out, no chos! :)) Love you!

  3. Replies
    1. Pray this continues na talaga Sarah :) I miss youuu!

  4. Love the yellow nail color and heart-shape dotted shirts!

    - Korea women clinic

  5. Wow! Googoo Dolls fan! <3 Well actually I don't like music that much so I don't have any fave band, but I have a fave song: Iris!! As in it's my favorite song since 2007 summer pa! I never get tired of it, seriously. Five years and counting haha <3 It's actually one of my dreams to see, hear and feel Iris played live! So if they go here (crossing my fingers!) notify me ASAP please! XD

    And nagkaroon naman ng phase na I listened to EVERY song of Googoo Dolls, kaya recognize ko blog title mo! :D Second fave song ko from Googoo Dolls ay Black Balloon naman, then Let Love In <3

    Almira :)

  6. Favorite ko din Slide. <3 I love this post, random pero sobrang shine. :) thank god for insta-snaps. :) God Bless and more success to you Ana!

  7. Almira: Grabeee ako din adik sa Goo Goo Dolls, siguro yung Name namana ng favorite ko...Sana they come here ngaaa! Grabe, see you nalang sa concert nila! ;) Hehe!

    Krista: Thank you so much Krista! I appreciate your kind words... God bless you too!!!


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