These are a few of my favorite things!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Here are my current must-haves!

The Day-to-Night Regimen:

My daily facial care and body essentials
1) Cyleina Organic Shea Butter Soap (
2) iSkin Deep Cleanser (Available in Flawless Clinics)
3) iSkin Balancing Toner (Available in Flawless Clinics)


I appreciate my favorite songs more with these ear candies! 
1) AKG Headphones (Available in AKG Outlets)
2) AKG K 309 Earphones (Available in AKG Outlets)

Night Life:
Can't sleep without completing my nightly routine-- other than brushing my teeth, of course! (I know, ang dami!)
1) RevitaLash (lengthens eyelashes) - (Available in Flawless Clinics)
2) iSkin Renew (Available in Flawless Clinics)
3) Cellular Repair Complex Forte (when having breakouts) - (Available in Flawless Clinics)
4) Regular Petroleum Jelly (anti-dry lips)
5) Mosbeau Placenta White (underarm and inner thigh cream) - (Available in Mosbeau Outlets)
6) Shea Body Butter (Available in The Body Shop)
7) Shea Beautifying Oil (for dry face, body, and scalp) - (Available in The Body Shop)

Morning Routine:
I wake up 2 hours earlier to have time for internet, and THESE.
1) iSkin Renew (Available in Flawless Clinics)
2) iSkin Ultimate Sunshield with SPF40 (for my face) - (Available in Flawless Clinics)
3) Priori Mineral Foundation with Brush (Available in Flawless Clinics)
4) Priori Mineral Concealer with Brush (Available in Flawless Clinics)
5) ChapStick (Cherry) - a classic favorite
6) Lip and Cheek Tint (Available in The Body Shop)

My current favorite fragrances.
1) Acca Kappa (Available in Rustans)
2) Shea Body Mist (Available in The Body Shop)
3) Heidi Klum: SHINE (Distributed by PRESTIGE Brands)
4) Armand Basi ROSE GLACEE (Distributed by PRESTIGE Brands)

For the travelers:
Perfect for the Fashionista Commuters!
Elf Professional seafoam green cosmetics pouch contains: ELF Brightening Eyeliners (in black and plum), ELF Eye Shadow Brush, ELF Eyeliner Brush, ELF All Over Stick, ELF Tone Correcting Concealer, Super Glossy Lip Shine, Liquid Eyeliner, ELF Brightening Eye Pots, and Brightening Eye Color. (Follow ELF COSMETICS on Twitter)

Can't leave home without my watch!
Aldo Watch with gold face and interchangeable straps (Available in ALDO stores)


  1. ganda ng watch!!:) suot mo kanina very attractive!

    1. Yey! Thanks beb! Bet the face ng watch noh???!:d lovet na you noticed!!!!

  2. I love Elf products. Ang gandang gamitin tsaka affordable pa. :)

  3. OMGGG Ganda lahat!! :) So cute to know you wake up 2 hours before ganaps for internet and those cosmetics!! ♥ Plus yung watch and straps!! Eyecandy ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. Wow, I should get that watch set! :)

  5. Danica: Super gusto ko yung concealer nilaaa the best! :)

    Arnie: Thank you so much effort yun hahaha!

    Ruth: Nice yan, sulit! :)


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