Sweetest Downfall

Monday, July 16, 2012

I loved you first, I loved you first

Sheer black polo with collar and cuff deets (not seen in pic, boo) and pearls buttons - Ukay find!
Skirt - owned way back in college, forgot store name basta asa Espanya
Red Flats - SM Parisian
Swallow Necklace - Landmark
Paisley Sling Bag - Vintage!
Thick black belt - arbor kay ate
Gold Watch - Aldo
Gold Cuff - The Ramp - Yhansy
Red Coral Beads Bracelet - Anagon 

Face daw by Flawless, hehehe. (Less breakouts na yan ha! ;))

Here's my outfitey yesterday, the last day of the Supersale Bazaar! Finally! Decent-enough pictures thanks to my teh Aisa Ipac, and of course, to Kelly Medina na bumuhat pa sakin so I can seat sa white stone sa first photo--pacreative shot effect, hahaha! Pwede daw gamitin sa future poster ko for the next Supersale hahaha!

"Owkhaaay guys! Pwede niyo na ako ibaba!" Lol, obvious scared face:

I always have this curiosity for a person's Fatal Flaw or Hamartia--which in Greek tragedies, refers to a hero's failure due to error of judgement. (Maybe) Everyone has one--Oedipus' fatal flaw was his being hasty in temper, while Samson was sensually uxorious (submissive). I am not sure of my fatal flaw, but I guess my being too-much of a pleaser, especially to people I love, makes me vulnerable. Love, then, is my sweetest downfall. 



  1. Funny, Samson was my LSS yesterday. :D I love that paisley bag as much as I love my Aztec sling bag hehe..

  2. bakit po ba ganoN kahit anong aus napaka inosente talga,,hehe
    napaka angelic mo tingnan ms. ana,parang ang saya2 lang plagi hehe

  3. Naknamp!!! Hahaha cute talaga ng expressions mo, Ana!! Love this post. Perfect nga yung first photo sa next SSB banner! Best in effort kayo ni Kelly. Love you guys!! Haha ♥

    1. HAHAHAHA A for Effort noh hehehe thank you Arnie!!! :)

  4. I love that song!! And I love your outfit! Bagay sa song :-)


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