Time to go out!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Last night, I felt that the worst is over.

I know this doesn't mean back to normal, but more of, time to go out there and help. 

My university drowned...

Everybody's a hero..My city-mates:

Don't leave our loyal friends:

Filipinos are ever-resourceful:

And syempre, amidst the crisis, the best parin talaga ang Pinoy Humor:

Heading out!!!

 See you?


  1. Hi Ana :) I hope you and your family is safe and dry. I'm not sure if I can drop by at Maginhawa today pero nakausap ko si pax thru twitter kagabi. Bukas sure ako. Ingats and God bless!

  2. I want to go Ms. Ana but my injury is still fresh! Sending my prayers to those in need. #bangonPilipinas


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