BGC Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Went to CBTL High Street yesterday afternoon, had White Chocolate Ice Blended, and a slice of banana bread (masarap!):

Media people started to arrive, organizers welcomed everyone with their BGC map / press kit, and CBTL treat:

The BGC Map: What to expect sa tour:

 At around 4pm, we started with our tour--with THE Carlos Celdran as our guide!

The BGC Hop On, Hop Off Bus!

Now, why tour around BGC kung parang we go here naman at least once a week na?

The tour is meant, first, to give people the chance to enjoy BGC without the bother of driving, parking, and figuring out directions. 

And second, for visitors and residents to discover and nurture their interests or passions as they explore BGC. Ang dami palang artworks around BGC!

My cute "classmates" on this mini-fieldtrip: Vern and Verne Junior! :) Haha!

Ako, I really ride the BGC bus from Ayala to High Street / Market Market...P12 lang kasi sya! Very convenient and matipid (around P80 din ang cab, or higher pa kung dumaan sa rush-hour-McKinley, haha)

What the bus looks like inside:

Ganda mo talaga Vern! :) Thank you sa chikahan sessions!

Carlos Celdran started the tour with... 

...of course! Chocnut!!!

If it's a Carlos Celdran tour, guaranteed interactive, fun, and of course, very educational sha! Plus, I always love his random trivia!

For only P25 per person for one day pass, anyone can join the BGC Hop On, Hop Off bus tour every weekendI think cool din to if you have touristas around, or balikbayans.

 First stop: Terra 28th

Carlos Celdran noted how one can walk from Market Market, Serendra, High Street, and to almost anywhere in BGC. Perfect architecture.

Aside from that, veryvery into nature / environment pa ang BGC. Ang daming trees and greens! Plus, ang artworks everywhere!

Kahit ang basurahan veryvery artwork!

Bring your kids here para hindi panay touchscreen ang laro nila! :)

May Luksong Baka area:

Piko station:

Patintero (or "Patin", my childhood fave!) 

Holen and Habulan Lawn (plus another cute basurahan!)

Speaking of artworks, hindi lang signage itong nasa HSBC building, piece of art pala sya named Let's Watch Out For Each Other. Awesome noh!? 

I always go here last year, office ni Ate and ng one of my closest friends!

Sa gitna ng Deutsche Bank, Ford, etcetera is the artwork Ang Supremo:

Visitors can hop on or hop off the bus at any of the five stops: Bonifacio High Street, The Mind Museum, BGC Offsite Gallery, Serendra, and Turf BGC. When they get off the bus they can explore nearby attractions at their own pace. The route map brochure helps guide their walk. The bus arrives at each stop approximately at 30-minute interval.

One of the Drop Off Area - The Mind Museum:

Something to checkout soon:

The Mind Museum is a landmark destination that must be visited with its over 250 hands-on, minds-on exhibits. 

Most prob my favorite BGC art installation: The Trees 

It yung asa gitna ng Burgos Circle! Na palaging may gathering ng cute dogs, hehe.

 The Balanghai

Cool din nito Kasaysayan Bawat Oras

The BGC Offsite Gallery is beautiful!

Veryvery wireart lang ang peg noh?

I love tile art:

Ang sarap siguro mag Me-Time dito, mag muni-muni, habang may baong libro. Hindi e-book a, hehe!

BGC art installations: the monumental type that inspires people to be one with nature or reconnect with the country’s history and culture; and interactive ones that serve specific purposes like to draw out creativity and curiosity of children or as aid for fitness and wellness.

More prizes were given away inside the bus!

Verne won baller, t-shirt, and other things! :)

Apart from having modern skyscrapers, pedestrian-friendly blocks, and an efficient public transportation system, BGC is also home to a wide range of restaurants, retail shops, and recreation facilities. Many of the shopping and dining outlets are found in Bonifacio High Street, Serendra, and the blocks around it. 



Very first Starbucks drive-thru in Pinas:

BGC also promotes fitness and wellness:

Hello, joggers!

Naalala ko yung jogging phase namin ng friend ko, I always go here after work nya, but sa highstreet area! Hindi nakaka dyahe tumakbo, ang dami mong "classmates"! And then lafang sa sandwich place sa BHS after ng takbo! Haha.

 Sa dakong tawiran, hehe:

We ended the tour with a dinner in the new BHS area:

A photo op with Sir Carlos!

BGC’s commercial operations head Manny Blas said: “We want you to know more about the places and things you see in BGC – the interesting facts about it. And hopefully, while enjoying the place comfortably in this Hop On, Hop Off tour, you will discover new things that will feed your passions. After all, we are known as “the home of passionate minds.”

Through this tour, I think mas naappreciate ko pa ang Fort, or, mas better na daw tawagin as Bonifacio Global City (BGC) now. If you've been reading my blog for quite some time now, I always follow with "my favorite place alamnyoyan" whenever I mention BGC / High Street. Now I know na more than the luxury life it gives to its visitors, I love na they try to preserve yung real beauty of recreational activities -- art and history appreciation and being in close contact with nature. Yun yung meron sila na nag lalack na sa ibang lugar. Gusto ko na talaga tumira dito! ;p

Again, for only P25 (one day pass), anyone can join the BGC Hop On, Hop Off bus tour. It runs every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 10pm. Tickets are available at B-7 Concierge, Bonifacio High Street and on the busFor more info and updates, visit 


  1. Ang sarap sana magpunta dyan kaya lang ang layo! Grabe nga last time na nagpunta ko dyan more than 2 hours byahe ko. I'm sure mag eenjoy yung anak ko sa dyan. Thanks for sharing! Pareho kayong maganda ni Vern :D

    1. Naku ang tagal na byahe nga yan a! :p Pero ok yun playground area for the kids! :)
      And naku ikaw talaga Kath, ang lakas ko naman sayo! ;) Thank you!

  2. Nice photography, I wish could be there. hmm i have decided to visit BGC, I am From Mumbai.

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  3. I remember before nag-chikahan tayo na bet talaga natin tumira sa Fort area! The best talaga no? Everything's there na and very very environment-friendly pa. ♥ Ma-try nga yan minsan, yung hop on hop off bus chuchu!

  4. mukhang masaya ang hop on hop off bus! excited na akong i-try with friends, now BGC has a lot to offer...thanks for sharing Ms. Ana! :)

  5. super haba nga nito but looks like fun :)

  6. Hello, Ana! Nice post, I'll be posting mine soon, although I used the photos they gave us. Haha. May cameo pics pa ako sa blog mo, ha! :))


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