You don't bring me flowers anymore

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Such a crayola day, I can't even. Hehe.
Woke up feeling blue, and decided to go with the event/tour
just to let this day pass (sorry na ang drama). 
Besides, naisip ko kahit walang kasama parang ang saya din naman!
After taking photos of my new Anagon items--I flew to BGC
just in time for the gathering.

True to my dull mood, wore a gray-black-white ensemble.
Though I hope you noticed my new eye makeup technique! :)
Sabi ni Vern when she saw me: "May boyfriend ka na!?"
--while staring sa eyes ko.
Sa isip ko: "Boyfriend agad agad? Pwede bang 
adik lang sa makeup Youtube channels!" Lol.

Gray top (with wings!) - Ukay find!
Black Trousers - Human
White Shoes - Zipz

Di gets ng mga tao sa kalsada yung style nato, akala nila hiphop ata
ang point ko. (May narinig pa akong nag "Yo!" sa may tricyclean, haha.) 
But I was going for Japanese luwag-luwagan style parin.
This time, made sure to wear white sneaks. (

More kwentos on the BGC tour with THE Carlos Celdran on my next post! :)

After the tour, I decided to kill time in Greenbelt / Glorietta,
and naghanap narin ng 1920s dress for tomorrow's themed event.
Saw this very flapper fringe dress in Zara:
It's on sale, mga P900+ nalang ata, but I bought a different
very 50s dress instead kasi baka isahang gamitan ko lang to. :p
(Patay wala pa akong outfitey tomorrow!).
Got another sea-foam green dress! Pa-practical pa ako kanwari not
getting dress above, ngayon ko lang naalala may sea-foam green dress nako, hahahay!

Anyway, looong and rainy bus ride home amplified my lungkot-lungkutan...
(Habang nakikinig ng Boston, Come On, the works!)
But something surprised me when I reached home:

A bouquet from Tecson Flowers! Very very me,
stripes na, blue and yellow pa (favorite colors)! :)

Walang tatawa sa full name ko a, hehe:

 Fact: Tecson imports their flowers from 5 different countries!
Fact 2: Tecson Flowers is the first company to introduce designer
series bouquet wrappers to Philippine market!
Thank you Aisa Ipac for introducing me to Tecson Flowers!

Bonggang trivia brought to you by their Twitter page.

Isa pang angle, hehe:

Panalo tong OoohLaLove collection a! :) Can't wait sa mga next!

Call me the stereotype girl na gusto parin ikasal sa simbahan (hehe),
but receiving flowers really makes me happy. 
It's not like everyday ka nakakareceive ng bouquet---And Tecson Flowers pa! :)

It wasn't such a bad day after all. 


  1. aww sarap talaga when something brightens your day lalo na pag sad mood. *HUGS* beb!

  2. Wow! Ganda :D I love receiving flowers too! Kahit si hubby lagi ako sinu-surprise ng bouquet. Mabuti na lang naging ok yung mood mo :))

    1. I love the flowers selection most :) I wonder if may sunflowers din sila! :) Wow ang sweet ni hubby mo, sana ganyan din maging hubby ko haha ;)

  3. I agree. Ang sarap sa feeling mabigyan ng flowers. :)

  4. I love flowers din! :) and wondering what's that 1920's party you will be attending? ang cool lang kasi ng theme! haha! :)

    1. Hehehe exciting noh basta themed! But pressure din! it's for laura mercier! :)

  5. Awww. Sometimes when your day is just at its lowest, fate knows just how to work its magic. The flowers are so beautiful! And to be honest, I would still like to be married in the church as well. Bet ko pa nga yung mahabang lakaran eh, para more rampa effect. Hahaha! :) Natawa naman ako dun sa nag-"Yo!". Well, iba-ibang interpretation talaga ang style sa mga tao :) Hope you're feeling better now!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

    1. Hehehe, ako din ganyan, as in gusto ko may effects ang wedding, special dapat! :) Miss you neighbor, thanks for the comment :)

  6. I like the fringe dress! My patient the other week was wearing a similar dress. You shouldve taken a full picture...

  7. those flowers are lovely! I also love receiving
    flowers kahit na boys kept on saying na di naman
    nakakain yung flowers, iba pa din ang magic ng flowers :D

  8. Awww I wonder what made my sister gloomy that day. Di bale super keri mo naman mag-handle ng ganyang situations. See, you were able to enjoy and have bonggang araw pa rin despite the crayola chuchu! Ewan ko ba lately gumaganyan na rin ako, biglang nalulungkot. Magkapatid/magpinsan (???) nga talaga tayo! Hahaha! Cute ng Tecson Flowers! Very very nautical = very very Ana! ♥ See you soon sis!

  9. @crickette i should have! sayang! ;p hehe!

    @roxanne: thank you so much, oo nga iba parin! :) yun moment na may mag abot sayo! :) hihi :)

    @arnie: thank you sis! veryvery drama lang ng sister mo hehehe :) Ikaw be happy gurl! :)


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