Learning the Lesson

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I read an RT yesterday that goes something like life is like photography,
you focus on the good, it is best when you smile, you use the flash when it's dark,
and you develop from negatives.
And if you end up with bad photos, you can always take another shot.

Seafoam green polka dots blazer - Fashion Avenue
White Dress - Topshop
Off-white Bag - Coach
Shoes - The Little Thing She Needs

And right now folks, just because it's way past bedtime, and when it's this time of the day,
one speaks more from the heart
(kaya supposedly "bawal" na ako mag blog, hehe). I realize that life kept on repeating
and repeating the same "thing" to me, different cast, but always the same mistake.
The constant cycle, after much overthinking, kept on recurring because
I haven't learned my lesson. Yet. In a talk with Pax and Mich over dinner
awhile ago, I realized I am starting to get the feel of handling things now. Not the greatest in
dealing with my emotions, but I feel that I am better now. Alas! Am I actually really learning!?

On a lighter note, outfitey worn for a Manila Hotel event, Bloggers United meeting, and
Seven FAM event awhile ago. More kwentos on that next time nalang! Went out ng
two consecutive days, na nagstart early morning and ended ng veryvery late, and
right now I am trying to catch up with backlogs and reply to emails. I chose to wear the
color combi after reading an interior design book na ang green is calming daw,
and best paired with white. Ang clean lang ng look, and infer kahit
tired, kalma lang din ako the whole day! ;P

I love that thought, noh? Na although you go through the same mistake
again and again (because life wants you to learn), you can always try and bounce back.

Again and again, and again. 

Happy weekend, loves! :)


  1. Hi Ana, nice meeting you again sa Lolita event and congrats :D Hay, pareho tayo na dumadami ang backlogs. I'm in the learning stage again na after being stagnant for 2 years and committing the same mistakes. Like ko talaga yung polka dot details ng blazer na yan.

    1. Thank you Kath! Ang pretty mo nun Lolita event! :) LOVE your makeup, hair and outfitey! :) Hay forever kapa lang tayo in life, basta walang gigiveup a! :) Mwah!

  2. I think eto na yun pinaka-favorite outfit ever ko of yours :) I want the jacket super much hehe :)
    I miss you!

    Actually sad pa rin ako and I don't know why. Normally naman madali lang for me mag-shake off ng disappointments. Isang malalim na buntong-hininga.

    Never been this excited to bounce back. Love you sis!

    1. Hi sis! Super duper thank youuu coming from you, this means a lot! :) I actually can see it nung Lolita event, parang walang light na you usually radiate. I hope you get back, at the right pacing and time. I super miss you too, rest and pray sis love youuu!

  3. Replies
    1. Awww thank you Hazel! :) Hope to see you around again! :)

  4. I looove your blazer!!!! And true yan girl, proven ko na din yan na paulit ulit ka masasaktan/ paulit ulit ka na may pagdadaanan dahil ibig sabihin meron kang hindi natututunan. Parang its God's way of telling you na you cant move forward until you don't take with you that particular lesson. Whatever it is that you've learned, happy ako for you girl.. Basta steady ka lang.. Kakayanin mo kahit anong dumating sa buhay mo, sure ako jan!! :) Miss you!! ♥

    1. HONNNEEEYYY!!! I super miss our talks about this! A year ago iba problema ko, right now over nako dun but same uli yung prob ko now :( But I know kayang kaya naman sha, hindi ko nga akalaing lilipas din and for the better yung last year :)

  5. Agreeing with the bouncing back. :) We learn to be better! And i love love this outfit!:) The blazer is such a winner!

  6. Tumatak saken yung first part of this post, sis! Ang ganda lang and very very true nga naman. :) I love this look! Super clean and classy. Bagay sayo sis promise. :)


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