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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fully Booked has teamed up with SoFA for a month long collaboration to promote a shared philosophy that design is not just about style but substance as well!

The team-up includes:

1) Designing the Fully Booked window displays (selected branches: Fort, Greenbelt and Eastwood)

2) Curating a list of must have design books chosen by our teachers (Gian Romano, Danilo Franco, Lisa Salvador and Toby Guggenheimer) 

3) Fashion and Interior Design Capsule Series 

Buti I was able to attend their Fashion Journalism class last Saturday,
with Ms. Carla Perlas Cassanova of Mega Magazine. The one-day
session was held in The Forum, Fully Booked, The Fort.

Picked up really valuable points on fashion blogging  (and even blog "don'ts"!). Sharing a few
tips I took down from this class on How do you become a better blogger:

1) Look for proper mentors (persons, grammar books, reliable reading materials).
2) Focus on a target market.
3) Use your unique voice.
4) Find the story--Don't wait.
5) Plan ahead.
6) Double check your work.
7) Give credit where credit is due (in short, cite your sources--lalo na sa photos!)
8) Honor your agreements (especially when it comes to events)
9) Double-check yourself!
10) Be brave.

Hi classmates! :)

FASHION JOURNALISM is actually a part of SOFA's short courses for September to January! I inquired on this along with other interesting classes I'd like to take up, and got this course description:

The course will focus on journalism specific to covering fashion-related topics, i.e. product reviews, industry gatherings and personas, etc. This shall likewise touch on journalism appropriate for the digital space.

Wk. of Sept. 24 – Jan. 12
Saturdays, 1:00-4:00PM
12-14 sessions
PHP 15,000

Ending this post with Ms. Carla's take on blogging:
Blogging will remain relevant. It's up to you how you invent and reinvent yourself. Blogging is here to stay. As long as there is internet, as long as you can differentiate yourself from the others, and go through a lot of continuing education.

Thank you for this fun afternoon, SOFA!

I really can't wait to enroll in one of their short courses, iniisip ko Fashion Marketing and then Merchandising... Super enjoy ako when it comes to the art of selling and when it comes to store displays, so I guess magandang kumuha ng background in this design school! What course will you take if given a chance? :)

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  1. wow dito palang sa post mo ang dami ko na natutunan :) and true, blogging is here to stay! i've been blogging since time immemorial (nung uso pa xanga, tabulas, etc HAHA), and i'm happy that now it really boomed and flourished :)

    btw, nice seeing you last night sa lolita event :)

  2. HI, Ms. Ana! I'm taking up Fashion Merchandising right now at SoFA so far, mayasa naman daming discussion and all pero worth it. But I want to take up marketing and Journalism as well. Thinking to enroll soon, if ever we'll be classmates! hehe.

    xoxo Raffi ♥


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