Still no Maroon 5 for me after all

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

These past weeks have been so fucked up for me, I have no better words to use to describe what happened to us, so please excuse the language. Una I missed an out-of-town trip, and now I just missed the Maroon 5 concert!!! I am not the biggest Adam Levine fan (unlike most of the concert goers kanina), but I am a Maroon 5 fan--they have songs na nagmeamean sakin! Nilook forward ko pa naman to since last night (since 2008!), and tweeted and blogged about making my dreams (even small ones) come true...kahit paunti unti. Pero FAIL parin! Okay sorry for the rant post, but right now nagbbreak talaga yung heart ko! :(

Next time I will just personally go to the counter (like how Krissy and I did naman sa last concerts namin) and secure my own ticket. If may something that came out of all these, it's knowing better next time. At the end of the day, alam kong this too shall pass. And kahit I wasn't my best self na kanina (windang!) thank you Jear for staying with me while we waited for my sister, who was able to watch.
Gawd para akong nanay na nag aantay sa anak niyang nanunuod ng concert!

After waiting hours for our supposed "tickets", we gave up trusting our contact by 9pm (9pm!!!)
and just ate in Cafe Bola. Waste of time talaga! 

Idinaan namin sa lafang! Haha:

The others opted for beer, I had my chocolate:

May mas Gegen-Ad pa ba dito? Lol

We can hear the band from the resto! Well, di gano audible, panlubag loob lang. Sabi ko kung tipong
Coldplay siguro to, or Goo Goo Dolls, lumusot nako jan sa bintana ng Cafe Bola. Lolz. Buwis Buhay!
Di naman ako naiyak, nadisappoint lang ako sa nangyari samin.

Anyway, as they put it sa negosyo, ohwell...let's just charge this to experience. :p

Next time then, Maroon 5. :(
"Someday it'll bring me back to you."


  1. kaiyak. alam mo un di ako makatulog sa kakaisip haha. napapost ako sa blog ko din haha! see you soon! sana nakiinom kayo sa amin kanina! hhaha

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Hahaha, at least mejo narelease ko na yung lungkot, medyo onti nalang makakaget over na ko as nangyari, nag youyoutube ako now..Asa "Acceptance" stage nako siguro, lolz. Glad you were there tho, nakachika chika ng onti :) sayang nga nawindang ako naglalalakad kami ni Jear sa Cubao kasi hindi talaga ako mapakale :p

  2. Replies
    1. Cant wait to see you Sarah, need to talk talaga with a friend :s

  3. anooo itech? tsk tsk but at least no money involved. there's more blessings pa so no need to be sad. see you soon! :)

    1. veryvery long story gurl but I'm ok na now :) See you soon and Thank you a :))

  4. Damang-dama ko talaga kayo kagabi sis :( Kwentuhan mo ko ha! Di bale, lesson learned. :) Next time, gorahey na tayo mag-concert yung sureball na!! :*

  5. awww. :( Next time kasi dont trust easily :( some people are doing things pra lng mgpasikat. some are friendly user lng din. you know...

  6. damang dama ko tong sentiments mo ang hirap tanggaping hndi ntin nrinig ang maroon5 at hndi ntin nasight c adam :( anyways thers always next time naman e :D


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