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Rock 'n Roll Christmas

Happy Halloween, guys! I know ang KJ, but I am just lying here in my comfy bed (not in a costume, but in my pambahay pa, mind you, lol) after the family had a heavy dinner in ATC--coz halloween night for the Crazy Gonzales is also Mom's birthday! 
Naalala ko when I was kid, we used to not really celebrate mom's birthday, but go to my tita's house in Fort with my cousins, so we kids can all Trick or Treat around the village. Tapos hindi lang Trick or Treat! ang sinisigaw namin, isang napakahabang chant na "Trick or treat, money or sweet, give us something good to eat!" Lol, ay memorize ko pa talaga!
Tapos at the end of the day, we will all go back to my tita's house, mag tatakutan, manunuod ng Magandang Gabi Bayan, at mag nanakawan ng candies sa bags ng isa't isa, hahaha! I miss those days! Si Ate nanunuod nalang now ng Insidious, pero tinatamad na ako maki-uso, haha! Next year nalang siguro!

Anyway, on to the outfitey from few days ago!

Slowly turning in…

EASTPAK x Kris Van Assche FW12

Habang tumatagal kayong nagbabasa ng blog ko, I am sure alamnaalam nyo na ang pagka Stage Friend/Sister/Daughter/Whatever ko! :p So when I got an invitation from my sister's friend Clang of Primer, I can't say no! Parang kapatid ko na kasi basta kaibigan ng kapatid ko! Naku alam niyo na ang weakness ko, basta when it comes to my close ties, support lang ako! ;p 
Anyway, a photo from Eastpak Philippines:
The intimate casual get-together was held in the cool Bratpack store in Greenbelt 5. Went there with my blogger friends to check out the Eastpak's lastest collaboration.

Eastpak, well-known urban-style bag brand in the Philippines, presents its third collaboration with Kris Van Assche, a fashion designer hailing from Belgium. Van Assche, known in the Paris fashion scene for his numerous shows, is also renowned for his works in installation art, costume design used in famous dance companies, and international advertising campaign. Elected artistic director of Dior Homme in 2…

Esprit Timewear featuring Vern Enciso, Patricia Prieto, and David Guison

After Philippine Fashion Week, ang refreshing naman to watch a fashion show where my bloggers friends ang rumampa! This is my veryvery stage friend coverage of the Esprit Watches new collection launch at the Mall of Asia a few nights ago...
When I got there, Papa Seph Cham won as the Best Dressed Male!

He won a new Esprit watch! :)

With the Best Dressed Female:

Then, on to The Time Wear Fashion Show 2012! I enjoyed checking out hindi lang yung new watches (bilang ako'y hindi nakakalabas without a watch!)... But also the clothes! 

I like the neutral tone dress with the silver watch:

I'm always attracted to red accessories:

I want this white blazer, looks great with the large face watch:

I think I'll consider wearing colored pants if they're in this tone:

Very Aisa Ipac styling! I'd love this look for the holidays! 

Wearable look for Christmas dinner dates, kung may ka-date lang, haha:

Another "pang-date" look, New Year's Eve naman, hehe:

The pants aga…