Guest Speaker Stint with Paul the PR Guy

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

May motto ako nung time na super nabusy ako with my business (I think 2 years ago).
One at a time. Nung may friend ako na nagstart ng UST tees biz, and now sobrang
stressed out na sa dami daw nagtetext sa kanya, she asked me how I go about with all these,
I told her the exact same thing. One at a time lang. 

Anyway, telling you this dahil medyo dumadami na backlogs ko (haha) and alamnyonaman allergic
ako sa backlogs! :p No choice though, I have to shift my priorities, and then maybe try to juggle
everything para magawa lahat ng maayos. So kwento nalang siguro about last Friday,
the day na Paul Chuapoco (aka The PR Guy) and I met up ng super early (mga 8am!) in Trinoma for our
9am talk in St. Mary's College Baliuag Bulacan!

Dapat 7am palang asa Trinoma na, but as always, kung kelan ka nagmamadali, dun nasisira yung
bus na sinakyan mo. Haha. When I reached North Ave Station, si Bff naman ang nahirapan
with traffic and where to pick me up! To make a long story short, veryvery late lang ang peg namin! Haha!
Baliuag isn't so far pala naman, we were able to get breakfast pa in Jollibee, and naka idlip pa
ako while Paul finishes his slides (hehehe, binubuking kita bff haha).

Anyway, on to the talk!

I think lumalabas pagka diligent student ko whenever schools ask me to hold a seminar or workshop for their students. Lalo na for this, the topic is Power Dressing ba naman (check out my slides, sila Camille, Laureen and Kryz, hehehe). 

I know less kaba ako pag La Salle's LEAP kasi accessories making naman sha. Pero eto! Ibang iba kasi!

Yung totoelles, I prepared 2 days for this (Sorry career woman haha)... Yung first day mas intensive work on my slides and prepare yung movie na shinow ko (Devil Wears Prada and a Michelle Phan basic makeup vid, hahaha)... second day petiks nalang, go through the slides and think of lines na pwedeng mabitawan.

Bloggers sa slides ko para fun! Hehehe. 

I went there wearing the simple blue dress and flats... And styled the look onstage:

I tried to go interactive by holding games and have film showing and shiz, but honestly I found it hard to connect to the students that day. I tried, though! Ewan ko.

Anyway, I had a great time watching Paul hold his own talk right after mine.

Bff's props include a clothes rack, some clothes, and shoes

I think I saw what I lack the moment I listened to Paul's talk. He considered the audience. He was so relate-able na kahit hindi sha prepared (hahaha) he actually gave the best talk considering it was his first time daw! :) 

Si ma'am may question, hehe:

He changed the topic from Power Dressing to the Power of Dressing.

Umauaudience participation! :)

Three volunteers for the styling challenge:

I missed school! Although it was a big challenge for me to be on the other side of the classroom, it was another fun experience especially for me na frustrated teacher (alamnyoyan!). 

To summarize our long talks, my whole point is that power dressing is also giving value to yourself (self worth), while Bff stressed the importance of inspiring others, even with how you dress up.

With my best dressed winner! Ang pretty pa!

Bff chose three best dressed boys, na sobrang mga laughtrip!

They gave us certificates:

Thank you St. Mary's for having me!

Legit speakers na kami ni Bff! Haha! 

Photo op with the students, by course ata or year:

Color of the day lang talaga yung blue, lol:

With Kaiye Pallarco, the one who invited us, photo after we had lunch and before leaving :)

Mga feeling students / bagets, hahaha:

Learned a lot from this experience! Teaching is still something I am very passionate about, so I really prepare because public speaking isn't really one of my strong points. I told Paul that talking in front of an audience is one of his talents. I really hope that I acquire this skill din someday because sometimes loving something doesn't make one good at it. But we can always learn, and we can always try. :)

Spent the rest of the afternoon with Paul! :) Another long ride going back to Manila, then went with him sa work (while nag Starbucks lang ako haha), had long cab rides to some blog-related errands, and ended the day in Mega Mall for the Body Shop event. Super laugh trip lang the whole time, and aside from the good laughs and kwentos, I really love talking with our PR Guy about business. I get inspired whenever I listen to self-made people, and Paul is just one of them. Super proud of him and I am happy to have Paul as my boy best friend! :)

Ok, kelan mo na ko lilibre Bff? Hahaha.


  1. ang gwapo tlga ni paul!! hahahha..kilig cguro ung mga students dun..

    thanks for sharing ms.anna! :)

  2. wow this is so inspiring naman Ana.. :) and thank you for reminding me to do things "one at a time.." i will take that to heart because i've just recently made a choice to take back my life and am venturing into a new business that will be more on the creative side. :) see you soon!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. Hi Gizelle! Thank you! :) And wow good luck on your new venture, praying for your success... Yes see you soooon! :) BU4!!!

  3. Sobrang thankful talaga ako at pumayag kayo sa invitation ng school. Students rarely meet bloggers like you guys! Maraming natutunan ang mga bagets sa inyo.

    In behalf of Ma'am Jing and Ma'am Maceh, maraming maraming salamat! ^_^

    And Tinkerbelle you're right kiligna kilig ang mga students! (Even the guys! :P)

    1. Thank you so much too Kaiye for this experience! :)

    2. Sa susunod ulit ^_^

  4. naks love et! power dressing ka na, beb!!:)

    1. Hahahaah hindi naman mashado beb! :) I try! ;)

  5. I assume that this will be the sappiest and most sentimental post that you're gonna do involving me right? Haha. Anyway, i appreciate you BFF Ana Gonzales! Di lang halata pero mas love kita kay Pax. Bully kasi yun. Ikaw din pala no? Anyway, I had an awesome time with you that day. More talks for us and magtayo na tayo ng Talking agency. Haha. Talking? Ang panget. Hehe.

    1. Sappy ba? Last blog entry ko na to about you Bff ok, hahaha! ;p

  6. thank you for inspiring us and our students.
    to kaiye, for being the instrument in bringing ms. ana and mr. paul to smcb, big big thanks.
    sa uulitin :)

    1. Thank you so much too Ms. Jing! :) All the best!!


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