DLSU Animo Bazaar (Day 1-2) + LEAP

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yo yo sup?!!!

Hahaha! Day 3 of bazaar just ended. I can't believe I haven't blogged for 3 consecutive days! May himala! Haha! So now I am trying to come up with something, even though I am currently parang nakainom and my thoughts are just incoherent! So pardon if I am not making sense! I even reply to buyers' texts with weird phrasing, they'll answer with "huh? di ko nagets." Hahaha...SORRY!!!

Anyway, let me just tell my bazaar day 1 and 2 experiences since the photos are already here in my computer, while my photos for today are still in my camera--which I left in our car since I have to commute home pagka-pick up ng parents ng bazaar stuff ko kanina.

Last week of vacay na kasi ni Ninong Dante (view Ninong Dante entry here), and they're making the most out of it! Imagine, looong day of panininda, and still have to go home ng commute! Ayaw ko naman panindigan ang aking blog name, but no choice! Haha!

Sooo...Here are some photos from my DLSU Experience Day 1 and 2:

Thank you Vern and Efril for helping me acquire a stall in your campus' fair!

My stall is next to Ice Monster, and right across Tapa King! So pag walang magawa, lumafang!

And yup, that's Ava! :) She visited me and helped me man my stall! <3 Thank you Beb!!!

Always fun when you're there!

In different times...My lovely blogger friends Ef and Melai also visited me in my stall! :) <3

Ganda ng business ni kuya!

Pretty <3 ... Penge nalang! Hahaha nag beg!

On my left side is a stall na super crowded palagi, and always guys shout akala mo kung napano..
Then I saw... computer gaming booth siya!!! :D

Some ANAGON stuff:

Palagi akong nagccrave for the Maki! :P I think 5 booths don Maki! Hahaha! As in mas maraming food stalls than dry goods! :D
45 bucks, may iced tea na! :D I love school foods!

Vday Dinner with the family - Ate + Ninong Dante! :)
Benta si dad parang batang nag P-PSP tuwang tuwa sa new iTouch niya haha!

 Thank you to my parents for always helping me out during bazaar ingress and egress, kahit they have other things to do. I love them both, and I don't know how I can do all these without them. My whole Tuesday was spent teaching accessories-making in La Salle's Alternative Class (LEAP), and my mom willingly spent her day in my booth!

I enjoyed my morning class for Wire Art 101. It was held, though, in the faraway Andrew Building -- so I have to go outside DLSU just to reach my class fashionably late. And I have to go up to I think 11th floor pa. With my huge maleta housing the materials the students will need. I only have 13 students, but they're a fun bunch. Sobrang tawa lang kami ng tawa...And they produced really nice "wearable arts"..same as with my 2nd class (this time, composed of 22 students). Nakakaproud! I'll even see them pass by my stall today-- wearing their rings and headbands already!

I also had Korean students for the afternoon sesh, which was a big challenge. Nasanay ako when teaching I'll just say "Ilusot niyo yung mother of pearl sa wire..tapos itwist niyo lang para malock siya." I can't seem to put that nicely in easy-to-understand English. I think I sounded funny trying to place my Tagalog thoughts into English, haha!

First Class...

...And second class!:)

I encountered so many familiar faces while manning my stall in the DLSU's Yuchenco Hall, some from my past meet ups, others were my buyers from my last bazaar experience there. I really love selling there, I love the La Sallistas, it was so much fun, and some (in between pangangamustas) would even ask how my sales are doing. And I tell you it wasn't bad! Not bad at all! =) (thank you Lord!)

Day 4 tomorrow---FIGHT! :)


  1. Anaaaaaaa! sayang kung kelan graduate na ako :(( would love to visit this friday, will you still be there? i want to buy! :D

  2. Wee, so proud of you Ana!!! See you again tomorrow!!! :-D :-D :-D And next year nga sa LEAP sayo ako mageenroll!!! :))

  3. shux, can't believe i missed the leap! huhu. gusto ko pa naman mag raise ng hand sabay, "MA'AM!!!" hehe

  4. Hi Ana! I'd like to know the price of your cloth necklace (I'm not sure what you call that, :), the pink one spotted in the 10th photo here. I like the design. Please do email me or visit my blog Trendy Karen and leave message there. Thanks!

  5. OMG! dahil sa pics mo I missed DLSU..was your class held in Yuchengco?? kaka-miss! La Sallians are a fun bunch talaga chikaaa!! :p

    hope you're having a great Animo Bazaar!!! :))

  6. I love those picture frames :)

    Hay sis, sorry I wasn't able to come na, naging fully booked ang Monday-Wednesday ko kaya today when I woke up gusto lang ng body ko magpahinga (this is PMS talking). I miss you :(

    Congratulations on a successful workshop! I'm sure those girls enjoyed learning from you :)

    See you on Sunday! :)

  7. Visited your booth kanina! :) sayang i should have enrolled in your leap! i'm a follower of your blog and was so happy to see you in person. more power!:)

  8. awww Ana inggit ako! Turuan mo din ako gumawa nung ring na un!!!

  9. Thanks guysss!!! Namiss ko kayooo!!!

    Naisip ko, paworkshop kaya ako sa bloggers' closet? :D haha!!!

  10. Ana, it looks so fun! So proud of you for sharing your talent with the DLSU community. :) Daming raket, ah! Belated happy v-day pala. :)

  11. please join LEAP again next year!!!

  12. Hey Ana! :)

    I'm diggin the heart sunglasses, do you have one in black? :D


  13. Argie!!! Thank you so much! Ikr!!! Raket Queen--thatssss MEEE!!! Hahaha!!!

    Anon: Thank you so much! I wanna teach in dlsu again, i love everyone there :))) Hope someone will invite me again :)

    Maye! :) Thank you so much!! Currently out of stock! =/ I'll try to have MOREEEE though!!! Thank youuu!!!


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