Shulong Bloggers' Exhibit and Interschool Design Contest

Thursday, November 29, 2012

More kwentos and photos from the Shulong event last Sunday with my blog friends!

...Where the shoes we designed were displayed! 
In between the activities, shempre outfitelles pic muna sa veryvery nice (although matao) outdoors area 
ng Trinoma.

With my girls Pax and Sarah:

...Wearing our Shulong sneakers!

The event was held at the cinema area, near Krispy Kreme. The makeshift stage area had
these screens that projected our pictures and blog:

Check out the designs of my fellow bloggers:

Katrina Tan

I love this snippet: Make art with all your heart. So Anagon Collection! Haha!

Aisa Ipac

Since Shulong boasts of their comfortable "made for walking" sneakers, veryvery apt itong theme na Pax
na take your Shulong around the world! ;)

Sarah Tirona:

I've always admired Sarah's taste! Ang galing ng shoes na to, super neat ng pagkagawa. :)

Love Chic:

Sana someday I have someone to work on a project with (u-huh, cheesy me, haha)..Love the cute shoelace
style and back branding of Love Chic's sneaks.

Mine! (More photos HERE)

Ang harot talaga! Hahaha:

Another esteemed guest was Peter James Villarta of PedroSanti Artworks who took a break from designing skateboards and surfboards to become Shulong's featured shoe artist and design shoes for anyone who has purchased a pair of Shulong YourShu or has brought their pair to the event.

We were also asked to judge the on-the-spot Design YourShu competition, 
featuring several schools around the metro:

The teams were given three hours, two sheets of iron-on stickers, four pairs of colored shoelaces, some paint, a couple of acrylic pens and of course, a pair of Shulong YourShu. The design must also represent
their respective schools.

I love the different techniques the students' used for their entries!

And now, the creations! :)

Adamson University:

University of Santo Tomas! (Go Uste! Haha, pwera bias ;))

University of the Philippines:

San Beda College:

De La Salle University:

College of St. Benilde:

We were given a few minutes to check out and "grade" each entries. Super hirap pala maging judge, haha!
I love all entries, and for me talaga art is subjective, "is in the eye of the beholder" ba! Haha! 
But anyway, here are the winners when all the judges' scores were added up and averaged...

Maureen and the host announced the winners:

Third Place: San Beda

Second Place: DLSU

And the Grand Prize goes toooo: UP!

I love that UP's design is wearable (match ang both shoes), trendy (with the galaxy print),
and in a simple but super nice effect showed university pride through these black oblation
silhouette at the back of each shoes:

Winners received P10k, P6k, and P4k worth of prizes, respectively.
Congrats to all the students who participated in the art contest!
You all did great! Hirap ng on-the-spot a, the pressure!!! 

And of course, 
A big CONGRATS to the Shulong / Primer Group of Companies for this successful event!

Thank you for giving us bloggers and the students an avenue to express ourselves through art and fashion!

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  1. @aiz kim ang cute ng design ng up, kahit nagbbreak heart ko at thomasian ako, hands down winner ang design ng Iskolar ng Bayan! ;)

  2. those are stunning sneaks,
    i love yours sis.
    it's so fab!



  3. ganda ng sa U.P!! AMAAAAAZING!!

    Michael Macalos

  4. Yay for UP! I saw u at mrt on ur way to this too shy to say hi hehe


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