Denim on Denim + My Shulong Design!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hi guys!!!

Share lang, I think I just ate meat awhile ago. -___- It bothered me for hours, but now ni-let go ko
nalang yung thought, hay! Wala lang! :p Okay, anyway, I super dupeeer miss our kwentuhans na, with the
Christmas fast approaching, parang lahat nanyayari na now: Ang events halos daily na, ang orders non-stop
(though I am not complaining!), and my 2 big bazaars palapit ng palapit na (SuperSale and BU!).

Sabi nga namin nung high school sa physics class (lol, sorry geeks kami hehe) "There is no such thing
as rest!". Anyway...Here's my Sunday outfitey (yup kahit Sunday we go out na...
dati eto na nga lang ang rest day / family day!). And kahit palapit na ng palapit ang Pasko, Lord, bakit
ang ineeeeet ineeeet padin! Hahaha. Decided to go for a casual "Sunday malling" look with denim-on-
denim + sneakers (and iced coffee, lol). Shorts-mode dahil mahiheat stroke ata ako sa inet!

Denim Top - NEXT JEANS, available in leading department stores
Denim Shorts - Forever 21
Black Belt - SM Accessories
Yellow Watch - Timex and Asprey Strap
Zebra Print Bag - Banana Republic, gifted by Prestige
White Sneakers - SHULONG, available in Res Toe Run stores
Outfit photos by Arnie Villanueva, thank you!

I've always wanted a pair of white sneakers, but yung nabili ko before veryvery uncomfy. Buti nalang I 
learned about SHULONG = The stylish vibes of a Converse sneakers, but with the comfort of a pair of TOMS!

We had a little exhibit for SHULONG in Trinoma, near the cinema area. Designed a pair of the DIY-able
Shulong sneakers, along with other bloggers like Seph and Shai, Katrina, Pax, and Sarah! I was super
excited on my way to Trino last Sunday dahil feel ko first time ko ata tong magka exhibit--and with my 
dearest friends pa! Feel na feel kong "artist" ako when Sarah and I saw our artworks! Here's my design 
muna, will post more on the event (and the other participants' shoes) on next entry!

Name card, kiligtothebones! Hehe.

They didn't asked us to name our artworks, but if I were to give my "masterpiece" a title, siguro
"Out of this World", hahaha. Or Weird and Wired, pwede din! ;p

"Anagon" sa likod ng both shoes---because I love my brand like dut. Lol.

Black Shulong canvass, mixed media. Used oil pastels (aka craypas) to color the shoes ng galaxy print,
and the glitter pen that came with the pair I used din para "stars" effect. Lastly, I tried to incorporate
the wire art I use for my accessories to the shoes since yun naman talaga ang pangkabuhayan ko (hehe).

I know the design is very unconventional! I was sobrang nervous before the exhibit, and kept tweeting
Sarah na baka hindi okay yung gawa ko.

And then awhile ago, a Pinoy blogger residing in Japan for years now DM-ed me on Twitter if I sell daw
these shoes  because he is interested and "very Tokyo" daw! :) And although hindi ko sha naiisip as
something profitable, super naflatter ako na may taong interesado to wear my weird shoe design!!!!

A heartfelt thank you to PRIMER GROUP OF COMPANIES, SHULONG, Ean Sanchez,
Maureen Rabuco, and to all my friends and who came to visit our venture as "uma-artist", haha! :)
I'm a happy kid! ;)

Please visit SHULONG on FACEBOOK for more info on the brand. :)


  1. @inkarlcerating: WAAAAAH!!! Thank you so so much Karl!!!! :D

  2. Congrats to you for the DIY shoes, it maybe unconventional pero its really cute and cool :)

  3. can i have the shoes! so customized! love it and your outfit :)
    The Bargain Doll

  4. woah! I'm not a sneakers shoes kind of gal, but I'll def wear that kind of design.
    May I ask if you also have international shipping for your creations and how much the cost?


    I'm from Connecticut btw!


  5. :) Pede pang mag join force ang Shulong at Anagon Collection? SO that we could get a pair of such out of this world, trendy, customized but worth having pair of shoes? :) Gosh! Want one like that. :((

    Btw, your outfit pairs your creative shoes. :) I so love that bag. :D

  6. Kiliggg gusto ko na tuloy palagi ako maga-outfitey sayo!! ♥ Haha ganda ng denim-on-denim mo sis. Parang ako di ko kaya ma-pulloff yan. :| Love love love your shoe design, very Anagon Collection ♥ Congratsss!!

  7. Wow ang ganda bgay na bgay sau ung outfit m

  8. nice outfit..ang ganda rin ng design very unique.. :)

  9. I love your design sooooooooooo much!! Really creative! :)



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