YABU Mall of Asia

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am super amazed sa bilis ng pag grow ng YABU empire!

I realized lang, I haven't missed pa any YABU openings--(Megamall and Rob Magnolia)--dapat may prize!
Haha! And finally, the KATSU CRAZE reached SM MOA!

It's not surprising, though, YABU na talaga
ang restaurant na Best in Food na, Best in Service pa! 

Early birds! Kelly, Bff Paul, Sarah, Mother Earth:

Also saw Jill! Met her in a Mister Donut event last Christmas, akala ng blog friends ko joke hehe.

Wearing my lakas maka-yaman SM Accessories necklace!

When they opened the doors to the guests in last night's MOA VIP opening, the friendly
YABU team gathered and greeted us by the entrance! Ang cute nila o, hihi! :)

I love this tee: KEEP CALM and CURRY ON! Haha:

First to arrive: our favorite Yabu appetizers! Potatoesss!

Since ikaw kaharap ko Sarah, panay ikaw din ang pictures sa cam ko, hahaha:

BESTIEEE! #WhatIsThatSupot Hahaha!

Hi Mother Earth!

What a bummer but I don't have photos but we were also with Lana and Angela! :)

Yabu welcomed us and talked a bit about the brand's updates:

Thank you Chef! He approached our table out of the blue, at biglang sabi
"I think we have a vegetarian in this table?" 
He then told me he'll serve something different for me! THANK YOU!
Side story lang, Sarah told me maghahanap nako ng chef jowa, hahaha! Ang sarap siguro nun noh,
pagluluto ka palagi! Naku patagal ng patagal, pataas ng pataas ang standards! Hahaha. #choosy

We ordered our preferred meals from their menu, but they also served us their new selections!

Menchi with Cheese Katsu Curry:

Soft Shell Crab Katsu Set:

Menchi with Cheese Katsu Set:

Sarah's Kirin Beer:

And then they served my special special Vegetarian Katsu set! My friends even took pictures of my own
food (pa-star! haha!), and some of them even wanted to become a vegetarian daw just for that night
(and for this colorful set!). Thank you for always accommodating me, YABU! :) Nakakatouch!

Bilang panay gulay lang kinakain ko, I appreciate texture and assorted flavors dahil dun binabawi ang
pleasure I get sa food. I love the variety of sauce they used for the two meals, something different
from the Yabu katsu sauce I've been having since the resto opened. Best served with laiyu--Yabu's chili
garlic sauce! Saraaap!

Parang birthday ko!!! Hahaha!

They also showed YABU's new home in the WWW!!
Check out Yabu's menu, blog, branches, and even testimonials mala their resto's bloggers wall!

Super busog! Thank you for the best dinner, as always, Yabu! :) And congrats on your new branch!

Ended the night taking "parang lasing lang" photos with Sarah, with her not-so-new 50mm lens,
replaced by Bff Paul nun nabasag ni Sarah her 2-week old lens! 

We took "pagalingang pictures" of the moon (sabi nang parang lasing lang, haha)

Tried taking picture of the BEAUTIFUL church near SMX:

Experimented with bokeh, haha, nakakaaliw pala to!

Hi Sarah with bokeh bg! Hehehe!
What a bitin night! :) Can't wait to see you again soon, birthday girl! :)


  1. Bago na camera mo girl? :)

  2. @kaiye hahaha yes! :D nagsuicide na digicam ko! ;p

  3. SARAP sis!
    and you look very lovely here.



  4. Hi Ana! It was nice to meet you at the tony moly event, thanks for coming <3

  5. @keyti thank you so much!

    @pinkoolaid hi angel! suuuper cute niyo, love meeting lolitas during event <3 hope to see more of you gals! ;)

  6. Awww namimiss ko na mag-Yabu!!! Makabisita nga soon! Haha nagutom ako dito :-S BOKEH!!!! Nice naman sis very very artsy na! So glad nama-maximize mo na si baby cam mo ♥ See you soon!!

  7. showed papa d, my moon shots proudly, sabi lang nya, ano? yung white dot? hahaha, fail! BUT ni-research ko, kailangan super slow shutter speed and tripod. game ka? parang gusto ko bumili ng tripod, photography day trip tayo!


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