"Thanksgiving Dinner"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just a simple get-up (get-up! Lolz) for ChaLife's chill event, and biglaang "Thanksgiving Dinner" with my
blog friends--when we realized na thanksgiving night na pala nun!

Hot Pink Pants - NEXT JEANS, available in leading department stores
White Blouse - ForMe
Black Loafers - Rajo x Parisian
Black Bag - Mango
Silver Watch - Timex
Photos by Tracy Ayson

Weeks before that night, we were already planning on celebrating Thanksgiving, complete with turkey and 
mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce (hehe) bilang Sarah really celebrates this with her family--and this year
biglang hindi sila nakaplano. Exciting din naman since I haven't really been on a Thanksgiving celebration,
plus, there's just sooo much to be thankful for this year!

Totally different from our original plan, here's our turkeyless Cibo Thanksgiving Dinner with people
I am so thankful to have this year:

With Sarah, Tracy, Mich, and Pax!

If you've been reading my blog for a  long time na, you'll know how the past year had been pretty rough for me.
I'd like to make things graspable by saying that maybe these are all but part of my whole quarter life
crisis--feeling alone, not loving ones self, dropping something I've worked hard for for a looong time...
Unlike high school and college friends who've seen me excel in my acads and writing career,
among other things, I think my blogger friends met me at my worst.
Pag sinasabi ko nga kay Pax na honor student ako, di sya naniniwala hahaha!

These people loved me when I wasn't my best self. To be loved even at your worst is the best gift
I received from all these blogging shiz. And of course, having real friends that started in a virtual world, grabeng
thankful ako na possible pala to. Thanks for making me sane, guys, or make that -- thank you for keeping
up with my insanity! Hahaha!

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you,
it will be enough.
- Meister Eckhart


  1. Kaiyak naman tong blog entry na to!! Thank God for true friends... thank God for you guys :) Love you beybehhhh!! :)

  2. @tracy I love you too giiiirl!!!! ALAMOYAN! I missed you awhile agooo!!!! :(

  3. awwww love you girl! d ko na need magtype ng essay alam mo naman na gusto ko sabihin hehe. to more baliw and baliw baliwan moments! thank you guys for making sane and insane. Love yoooouuuu!!!

  4. @Pax di na kelangan ng essay gurl, when you listen naman sa mala essay kong phone calls pag kelangan ko ng friend :) Sabay may iyak pa yun, hahaha. LOVE YOU!!! :)

  5. sooo touching! :/ we should be very thankful for all the things that we received! :D

  6. really lovely sis.
    loving the side ponytail.



  7. @rio Thank you Rio! Tama, sabi nga nila be grateful and the universe will reward you more ;)

    @keyti thank you so much sis! :) some people dont like the side pony haha, but i guess iba iba naman talaga taste ng tao :) So thank you for appreciating!; )

  8. Aww such a sweet friend. :) I can feel the sincerity and gratitude in this post. Thank God for true friends. :D Especially to those who have seen you at your worst but still accepts you for who you really are. They are indeed priceless gift God has given us.


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