Shay Mitchell in BU4!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Second day of BU4 was a bit uneventful compared to the first (complete pa ang bloggers, and puno pa ang
racks of panindas for most booths). But something (or someone!) stirred up a supposed chill day. Pax 
called up while I was walking back to the tent, and told me the BIG news that Pretty Little Liars' Shay
Mitchell is coming to the bazaar! A Hollywood celebrity gracing our Bloggers United!!!? I super can't  believe it pa, 
but of course it wouldn't have been possible if not for our ever-supportive media sponsor ETC Channel!

Shay arrived nighttime already, and I was caught off-guard since I was still chilling in Sarah's
stall. A crowd formed in front of my booth, headed by my blog friends Tracy and Pax (in charge of the bazaar "tour",
may shopping list si Shay). They started the conversation by introducing me to Shay Mitchell and 
telling her I'll give her some of my works.

I wasn't sure of Shay Mitchell's style in real life, so I just let her choose, and she got the LOVE headband.
"Do you wear it this way?" she asked. She's super nice and masmall talk!

She asked for help in tying the Love Wire Headband!!! I can't believe I am helping Shay Mitchell
with her headpiece... And with something I made pa!!!!

I have to post this picture lang kasi kahit blurry, ang cute ni Tracy dito! Hehehe!

 Shay checked herself with her iPhone camera, and even took a picture!

Photo from Shay Mitchell's Blog. Hi Seph and Shai, and JR of Worldbex!!! Hahaha!

I also showed Shay one of my current "it" item: the Cat's Ears Headband! Thanks Tracy for the pic!

We were looking at my SLR, but mom and Jenny can't figure out how to take a picture with the new cam, 
buti nalang may iTouch.

And then Shay told me we take a picture din with her phone (source)!!! Sobrang KILIG! I was waiting for 
her Instagram post days after BU, since she asked for my Twitter name...

But I got more than a Tweet / Instagram post!!!

Thank you so much Shay Mitchell for posting my photo in your blog!!! And thank you for calling me a "talented
designer"! Aside from the headbands, I also asked Shay if she's into rings, and she got a silver one with the
word "hope". :) She went around the bazaar pa after this, but Pax told me pinaka ok daw yung sa akin since
I made the items. I am not sure if bola lang yun dahil friend ko sha, but to be posted in Shay's blog, I guess I 
have to give my self some credits nadin from time to time--especially for this experience! 

Thank you Pax and Tracy! Sabi ko nga sa Instagram post ko I've never felt this proud to be a tindera
and accessories designer! Definitely one for the books!

PS: Grabe Pasko na later guysss! I'll try to come up with a Christmas post, that is, if hindi
pa kami lumarga because we usually spend Christmas eve up north (Lagro) with mom's sister. :)
Anyway, if I can't go cheesyweesy for tonight's festivities, greeting you all now palang a MERRY
CHRISTMAS! Don't forget this holiday's real meaning, ok? :)
God has been good! Happy birthday, my Savior!


  1. So proud of you girl!!!!

    Merry Christmas! <3

  2. Galing!! You should be really proud of your work kasi handcrafted lahat with love :-)

  3. wow, galing! I hope you and your family had a merry Christmas! :)

  4. You're super lucky! :D I wish I was there too!


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