Sunday, January 06, 2013

Old set of photos from one of my bazaars late last year. Hindi ko alam kung bat hindi ko na
sha pinost that time, but pwede ring nabusy nalang. I super love this denim polo I got from
Forever 21, dahil oversized na nga sha, may nice leather shoulder deets pa. I always wear this during my
lazy days...Along with my other favorite Wrangler Skinny Black Jeans (SBJ). I will forever
regret selling the plain denim top I got from Archive Clothing a year ago. Now hindi
na ako makabili ng perfect fitting one...Until this. Though I am still on the lookout for a
plain version... Also the perfect basic white polo. Grabe humahaba ang listahan ng wants. :p

Denim Polo - F21
SBJ - Wrangler
Black Heels - Rajo x Parisian
Watch - Aldo
Wire Gold Bib - Anagon
Photos by Kelly Medina, thank you!

An awkward pic, hehehe:

I will always have this "soft spot" for the awkward. I think it was with Sarah that I had a brief
conversation on how I find beauty in a person's awkwardness. I think it's because when it comes
to clumsiness, being uncoordinated, and ipinapahiya ang sarili ng hindi sadya, I'm your girl!
Hahaha. I can't even dance ng pa-cool to save my life! ;p But just look at Awkward Kings
Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg. Don't you just find them adorable in their own weird ways?

Love this awkward dance from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I even find this sweet, hehe.

Leaving you with this quote from the Marc Jacobs:

I'll always find charm in your own, unique awkwardness.
Have a great Sunday, oddballs! ;)


  1. Yung mga pieces talaga na napakaganda ang fitting eh dapat binabaon sa baul. Wag mo na po benta yan Ate Ana ha? Hehehe. Ang ganda nung deets sa shoulders pati ung handmade bib mo :)

  2. Relate na relate ako sa awkwardness na ganap na yan sis!! Haha lalo tuloy kita namiss :-S Hope to see you na soon!! ♥

    1. Alamoyan! :) Tayo na ang Awkward Queens, lil sis :) Love you!

  3. love this look, ana. very casual, comfy and the perm looks really nice on you! :)

    1. Thank you so much Gellie!:) Super appreciate all your comments :)

  4. Love the top dear.

    XX, Jenniya

  5. I love your denim top :)


  6. I agree, there is beauty in the imperfect and awkward. :) I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white polo as well. These are things that are basic and should really be on top of our want list if not need list. :)

    Wish & Wear

    1. hay hope we find na where ang store with the right basic white polo hehe :) share to me if you find one na a! ;)
      And thank you! :)


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