Dinner Before Dessert

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Time really flies! The first week of the new year just went by, in a hurry, 
and now it's the weekend nanaman! Spent the past few days working and working 
on paid online orders I got during the holidays, and sourcing materials to make sure
I accomplish everything, PLUS create NEW things again for Anagon Collection.

With the sourcing, I went to different places around the metro last Wednesday and Friday. 
I bought a new MRT Stored Value Card para hindi maubusan in between the commutes.
I got one in a different design, more colorful and pop art print compared to the previous card
with the motorcycle ad. Ang cute nito!

It's a Saturday, but I devoted my weekend in accomplishing the KULASA keychains 
ordered by St. Scho Westgrove. I half-hearted-ly declined a shopping trip (Topshop sale!!!) 
and some lakads to practice narin siguro delayed gratification. 
To have the dinner before the dessert. 

With the 160+ key chains I have to accomplish, the tendency is to fall-short on quality. What I do is
for every piece nag ginagawa ko, I try to think of the person who will receive it sometime soon. 
And hope that when she gets the customized item, she'll love it and know that it's something 
special and made just for her--calloused fingers and chipped nails and all! :) Work of Heart talaga!

I hope you're having a fun Saturday! Leaving you with these ladies restroom vandals I spotted
during one of my MRT station CR breaks, hehehe. May matututunan ka nga naman even when you're
just out and about, braving the commuter life in Manila's concrete jungles. 

"I need a job. I'm a hopeless girl. Pls help me."
"Meron yan! Ayaw mu lang mag hanap! Hahaha!"
(If there's a will, there's a way! ;))

My favorite:
"Nakakapagod, pero kakayanin!!!"


  1. Lol at those bathroom vandals. Love your work, ooh your hands are a bit cracked, try using work gloves to protect those paws. <3

    XO, Michi

    1. thanks chi! :) i might try cloth gloves but im afraid it might change the look / curves of the wiring, but let's see! ;)

  2. NAKAKALOKA YUNG "I need a job. I'm a hopeless girl. Pls help me." hahahha kaloka si ateh! sa sobrang desperado niya pati ding ding ng CR sinulatan niya na! hahahaha

    Michael Macalos

    1. Hahaha kawawa naman! ;) Sana magkawork na sha :)

  3. Benta yung vandals sa CR sis!! Hahaha gandang motivation. =)) And of course magandang motivation din yung sabi mong iniisip mo yung mararamdaman ng makakatanggap ng wire arts mo soon. I'm sure they'll LOVE and keep it! ♥

    1. Thank you sis! :) I hope I can add more personal touch in my items, hanggang packaging :)
      Hope to see you sooon, miss you!

  4. hahah kakatawa ang vandals!! minsan bet ko din magpicture ng mga funny write ups na ganyan!! :P good luck on the kulasa key chains!! ang dami nyaaan! hahaah :D

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Thank you Rovie!!! Medyo madami nga pero kesa konti noh? :D Haha! :) Hope to see you sooon!!! :)

  5. I am gonna love your works on a higher level. I am totally touched by your dedication with your handicraft. <3


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