Cebu Day 2

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cebu day 2, most prob, is ang pinaka tiring (except for yung walkathon namin ni Pax after Baseline! Walang tatapat!).
We were up sooo early and ended the day late.

Here's what I wore for the looong day, a.k.a I am expecting a hot day na panay walks so I have to wear something loose and white para presko lungs, hehe:

White Polo - Charlie
Shorts - Cotton On
Black Sneakers - Landmark
Watch - Timex

I don't know how we all got up--but I guess it helped na kinulit kami ng bongga ng mom ni Mich (phone calls galore--tibay pa naman ng ringtone ni Mich! Hahaha!), plus, iba talaga ang breakfast food--gigising ka talaga! At gawin mo pang breakfast in bed! 

Room service--my weakness! Parang gusto ko palaging i-avail kahit mahal! (parang airplane food)

Galit-galit sa umaga, hahaha. Hay social media generation. 

Mich's parentals picked us up from the hotel, and our mission is to check out the old houses in Cebu. Nalaman ko na Pax and Mich went there na on their past Cebu visits, meaning ako pala talaga ang tinutour lang nila. :) Thank you guys so so much!!!

Our first stop was in this Cebu Heritage parang asa gitna lang ng road. Di ko pa gets nung una why we were stopping the car that time, and then tito and tita pointed out the complex sculptures--made by National Artist Edgardo Castrillo:

Hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko, kaya thumbs up nalang, hahaha:

Isa pa, hahaha:

Pax's turn, hehehe, "Mabuhay!" pose! ;p

A stone throw away from the Cebu Heritage Mural is the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House. 

I find this visit sobrang interesting, bilang hilig ko talaga ang history, interiors, and wood.
And magtakutan, hahaha. Anyway, minsan feeling ko carpenter ako ng past life ko, lol. 

 We were welcomed inside the Spanish-Chinese house by the caretaker. We paid 50 bucks each, pero for me sulit na yun. Si koya nun sinimulan na mag salita about the place, in english! Tibay! Binigla ata niya kami mashado biglang can't help et si Pax sabi niya "Ang galing ni koya!" I was giggling, but direcho parin si koya sa speech niya! The owners daw still stay sa house sometimes, and everything daw authentic pa. Best of all, pwedeng mag picture, at pwedeng hawak hawakan, upuan, higaan, etc ang mga gamit--unlike other museums/ancestral homes.

Ang daming fascinating wood works around the house, like this angel wall display:

This long wooden table with matching long bench and chairs. I also like the glass pieces on display--two lamps and a glass water flask at the center:

We can sit sa old chairs, like this one na by the window. Siguro dito sila nagkakape before habang nagsusulat ng love letters lighted only by the de-gas na lamp and the pale moonlight (nuks amp)

Paartsy shot of the view from the window:

E ayun e! Hehehe! :)

A hodgepodge of antiques here and there: old photos, sabitan ng hats and baston, furniture, religious paraphernalia, harp, jars, and even old hats na triny namin suotin! Haha!

Ang cool ng painting sa back of the photo--family portrait sa capiz window. I also like the wood carvings/paintings of the different angels, framing the ceiling of one part of the house:

Hindi nalang pala ukelele ang gusto kong uwiin! Haha! A real harp! Feeling angel, lol:

I love the old stairs, though nagccreak na sha when we went up the second floor. I particularly find the two angels on both sides of the stairs eerily beautiful:

Floor mat made of metal. Wooden floors were held together not by nails but by wooden pegs (dahil wala pa daw nails before). Cooool.

 We went upstairs to check out the bedrooms. Even yung ceiling daw original pa:

Ang nice nitong "crib-like" effect ng stairs--old school style noh?

"Pasok sa banga", hehe:

May dining table din sa taas, with these porcelains, and the two tall candle holders that reminded me of a scene in Les Mis. ;p

Ang cool nito, pots and glass plates--sinaunang dishwasher! 

 Inside one of the rooms: Pax pretending na may hineheleng baby sa old wooden crib:

Nice tokador and rocking chair for moremore takutan sa gabi, hehe:

Lovely four-poster bed! :) Parang pang princess!

More things representing the family's devotion to Catholicism.

A standalone cabinet with glass door

It houses more old kitchenware: 

Abacus! :) I wonder if ano yung box next to it, hindi ko sinilip but mukhang mahjong set:

Tapang ko magpicture sa mirrors, baka sakali makacapture ng may katabi ako, char! ;p
Love the blue glass pieces:

 Kamusta naman katabi mo jan, Mich? :p

Porcelains and a baby Jesus--Encapsulates na Spanish-Chinese house nga sha.

Hello there! Nagulat si Pax when she entered one of the rooms and these life-size statues:

We went down again to check out their garden:

Nice spot pang pre-nup pics? Hehehe:

And pang emo pics! Hahaha:

Gusto ko din ng wishing well, they have one sandwiched by plants and sacred figures. Di ko na chineck if may coins or water, or skeletons. :p Char.

The second house we visited is the Casa Gorordo Museum, a house built in the mid-19th century--meaning it's one of the well-kept old Spanish houses na natitira pa ngayon. And obvious na rich family ang tumira dito, pag enter palang ng fancy gates nila...

Pathway toward the house is this beautiful garden:

About Casa Gorordo:

To enter the place, we also paid P40.

Bawal mag picture inside the house, so I only got to take this place-description sa Azotea area. 

Inside, marami din ganitong trivia / tidbits in every room and area. Ang favorite ko is the corner for the manliligaw, may two chairs separated ng very conservative space, a table, and mga 5-steps away may iba pang chair where the chaperon stays. Grabe! Pero cool!

Kahit bawal ang picture taking inside, I can't help it but ask Mich to take a photo of me with these original Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo copies!!! They're in Spanish, which shows na rich nga ang family who lived here (educated). Grabe kinilig ako, kitang kita naman sa fez ko dito hahaha:

Beautiful garden area na well-maintained! In fairness for an old house, walang creepy feeling, even sa first house we visited. 

 Pa-artsy shot sa balcony / azotea, where we took our outfit shots:

 Natatakot ako umupo niyan, dahil mataas sha hahaha:

 Bye Casa Gorordo!!!

 Our next stop: Magellan's Cross

The Magellan's Cross is located at the city center of Cebu, in a chapel near the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino area. Ito (I think) is the first Christian cross planted in the Philippines' soil by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers.

While walking to the chapel--hehehe

Very detailed paintings sa ceiling:

 Sa marble ledge kung saan naka-place yung cross are these colored candles. Not lighted. 

On one side, may mga ladies din holding a handful of the candles, while dancing and chanting.

One of them approached us and told us about the candles and their significance.

Each color pala represents a specific "prayer request". Naghanap kaagad ako ng brown candle, na naging malaking inside joke namin ni Pax for the whole trip, hahaha!

Nakakatawa kasi wala si lolang brown candle, sabi niya talaga: "Eto po pink and yellow, pag cinombine brown nadin yan!" Laughtrip, ang utak ni manang! ;D Hahaha! Buti nalang yung isang manang may brown! ;p 

Manang danced and prayed for us:

We planned to check out nadin the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino. 
Going there we saw this huge Island Souvenir shop with the giant "I love Cebu" by the entrance!
Sabi ko kanila Pax, "Gusto ko pumunta sa I love Souvenirs!", hahaha! Nagkahalo-halo na! :p

...With Kryz Uy wearing an Anagon Wire Crown! Kinilig ako!

Around the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino...

We lighted candles and said our secret prayers...

Gusto ko sindihan yun brown candle, but pinagbawal ako ng mga guards. :p

Kahit hindi pa Sunday, sobrang daming tao na! Sobrang festive ng mood, ang nasabi nalang ni Pax "Para tayong nasa Brazil!" Hehe. Kahit matao and mainit (sobrang tirik ng araw!), I super enjoyed the walk around the city proper. Damang dama ko ang Cebu at Sinulog festival!

Procession route:

We saw a souvenir shop corner, na ang daming Sinulog tees and student buyers. We stopped by muna to rest and para shade muna sa araw:

Refreshments muna:

And I finally got my ukelele!!!

Lakas daw maka high school! ;D 

Section ko, hahaha:

 We went out to meet Mich's parents again for late lunch. 

Love the colorful jeepneys:

 And this moving-tindahan selling masks, necklaces, and other Sinulog props!

We passed by Cebu's Malacanang:

Pax covering Mich's face, hehehe

But before lunch! We dropped by the Tabo-an Market para makabili na din ng pasalubongs for our families:

Sobrang LAKAS ng amoy, pero worth it daw to! The parentals enjoyed the danggit but the pusit daw medyo rubbery, while the sisters love the dried mangoes. They packed everything naman in sealed plastic and boxes, so easy lang sha i-check-in pauwi.

We were planning to eat in CnT Lechon, but grabe soldout na! Best lechon daw to, I heard.

Went to this dimsum place instead for late late lunch. I think mag-4 pm na nun!

We rested for a while in our hotel, took a bath, and went out again for our dinner plans with the Cebu Fashion Bloggers!

Cool ng bottles lamp!

First one to arrive is Marco aka Countocram! :D I forgot the place again (haha sorry) but I think David's ata sa may I.T. Park.

Since late nadin kami nag lunch, Pax and I shared cakes nalang:

People started to arrive by batch! Finally, with my beb Tracy and her travel buddy Denise! 

More Cebu friends!

Aie, Aivan, and Pax!

The group! With Aie, Aivan, Pax, Jeemah, Edd, Doyzkie, Reymond, Kristine, Joven, Marco, Trace, and Denise! :)

After dinner, we went na to the Life Dance event. Thank you sooo much Eden for the VVIP tickets!

Sinasabi ko na kahit before pa na hindi ako party girl, but lately trinatry ko nalang sha i-enjoy at maexperience. I guess at 27 kasi feeling ko malapit na ako dumeadline (lol); and pretty soon I am not so bagets anymore para pumarty party.In short, YOLO nalang. Hahaha!

The gang: Aie, Pax, Bff, Tracy, Denise, and Rabsin!

Rabsin's cool lighted ice cubes! Pati beer niya may party, hehe.

THANK YOU Pax and Mich for the photos! 

Night before this ata yung Swedish House Mafia in Manila, at bilang di ko sila kilala (ang honest lang noh hahaha) niyoutube ko nalang sila, and I must say I enjoyed watching them! Sayang saya lang ng mga tao parang love love love lang talaga. So yun, ganun ang peg that night! Electronic / techno ang music, but go lang kami sa talon and fist pumps! May part of the night na medyo umuulan ulan pa! Sobrang memorable, it was magic!

I guess it helps din na kahit hindi ako marunong pumarty and sumayaw to save my life, I was with some of the BEST people I've met in my late 20s. Mga chill vibes lang! I love my friends to death! 
That night din, finally kumpleto na ang "YOLO Gang"! :)

Long day noh? Walang hingahan yan! Hahaha. Worth it, though.
Looking at the photos now, nafeel ko talaga best of both worlds ng Cebu! :)


  1. Ang saya ng Sinulog experience mo! I-pupush ko talaga ma-experience yung ganyan next year!

  2. This post reminds me of our Cebu Trip last 2011. I so miss Cebu!

    I am Jenniya

  3. ang saya naman, beb! parang ikaw naging tour guide ko!:) wishing makapunta rin ako ng cebu someday!:) kainggit din.. miss ko yung baguio days natin magkkasama!

  4. Sheeet more more takot yung mga antiques!!! Ayaw ko yung rocking chair at dining area, feeling ko anytime gagalaw siya miski walang tao :( HAHAHAHA!! Tapang mo mag-mirror shots, sis! HAHA! Thank you for giving us a "tour" to your Cebu day 2! ♥ Love youuu!

  5. cute cebu trip! seeing your trip on instagram and paxie's blog made me want to go to Cebu and experience Sinulog too :) Soon, I hope! miss you ana!!

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  6. Thanks guys sa comments! :) Love youuu!

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