Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hi guys!

It's just 9:34 pm on my laptop's clock, and I am ready to retire and call it a day. Sabi ko nga "There is no place like home, but mas lalong no place like my bed!". Lol. Sa sobrang overworked, yung sinabi ko sa past blog post ko na "tolerable" sakit just upgraded into this massive headache na napahagis ko nalang yung phones and plies ko kanina, and nahiga nalang sa nearest couch like a weak baby. Hay! 

My best friends yesterday include plastic flowers, sanga, dahon, etcetera, hehehe. 
Readying for my Anagon Summer 2013 pasabog!

But I have no emo-vibe a, unbelievably! I woke up awhile ago from my 8am alarm, and worked too-early for my standards on paid wire orders from last night and earlier today (I also just shipped a batch of paid orders yesterday!). I told mom na grabe walang katapusan! But mom will always reply with "edi mainam!". 

Some of the projects I worked on earlier:

But even with the early pessimism (and a bit of self-pity), the unbelievable part occurred: I actually caught myself with these negative thoughts (mostly bad memories), and then shifted my focus on good thoughts. I think that's the thing with crafting (especially for someone doing it for a long time na)...I am so used to the craft that it's rather a mindless activity nadin, and the tendency is nababakante yung utak ko. So it meant that it's also the best time to fill the mind with happy things para naman yun ang maattract ko. Aba finally all the exposures with psych and self-help books are rubbing off on me! ;p (Isa sa nakapagpa-GV sakin is this My Wedding Speech vid! Watched it twice! Haha.)

Literal yung "dugo at pawis" when it comes to my work! :( Boo hoo!
But no, picture muna bago i-wash ang sugat! Lolz. (sorry if yucky!)

Anyway! Some random photos I wasn't able to post before:

So last week I headed to Romulo Cafe in Timog to meet my blog little sis Arnie for the Flawless new endorser event (thank you Kuya Jeman for the invi!). The best friend Paul was also there but he left din agad agad because of work! Panahon nga ata talaga ngayon ng madaaaming trabaho!

Before Flawless' new face Jasmine Curtis arrived in the venue, may raffle muna where both Arnie and I won the new Flawless Stem Cell Line! WOOT!

It was an intimate event, as in si Jasmine Curtis palakad lakad lang around the cafe! Nakapagpa-picture pa kami ni Arnie with her, but nahiya na ako mag small talk and iname drop si Tracy, who is also her friend, hehe! Anyway! I enjoyed the bloggers' press con din bilang very charming lang ni Jas (close? Haha!). May angle shang Anne Curtis noh? I took videos pero ang bigat ata ng file, di ma-read ng video editor ko (kainiz). :p

Learned so much about this new girl in town! Sabi niya dream school niya is Ateneo (mag cocollege palang sha!), and her feet are still growing daw--sayang daw hindi na siya makakahiram sa Ate niya ng shoes "Ang gastos!". Hehehe kyot. Si Jasmine Curtis din ang cover girl for Flaunt issue this month (Flawless' online mag!). 

Marcelo also joined us sa table after the interviews. Eto naman ang blog little bro ko! Panalo mga kwentos niya! He just came from Tagaytay, as in commute adventure--para lang maka-rappel! FTW din yung kwento niya nung nag hanap sha ng hotel to stay-in for the night, at natawaran pa nya ng P300 yun accommodation! Hahaha, diba dapat standard rates pag hotel!? ;D Panalo!

Rode a cab to Trinoma afterwards with Arnie (instagram picture lang to, but hindi na namin kasama si Paul, hehe). We had a loooong kwentuhan in Coffee Bean na veryvery full of life lessons! :) She also handed me her sobrang thoughtful birthday gift--A book titled 101 Ways to Make Today Great! Grabe, kami na talaga Ambassador of Good Vibes! Haha! Had dinner in Max's when we realized na umabot na kami ng gabi---we spent hours talking lang hindi man lang namin napansin! :)

Meanwhile, the past days were also spent screencaps-ing and saving pictures of bloggers wearing Anagon Collection! One of my favorites na siguro is Kryz Uy's blog--lalo her Sinulog post! Anagon overload! I am so thankful na she was wearing your customized PIT SENYOR headband--at bonus nalang na sinuot pa ito ni Slater Young! :D Ang saya!

From another post:

"My favorite piece in this look though has to go to my customized ring from Anagon. It’s a small little detail in my look that gives it such a big dose of character. Don’t you think?" 
- Kryz Uy ( ... Thanks Kryz!

 And of course, Kryz wearing the Anagon Wire Crown for her Islands Souvenirs billboard! WOO HOO!
(Ineenvision ko na na Anagon billboard na to next time, hehehehe.)

Meanwhile, one of the things I am looking forward to this Feb (grabe ang bilis ng January noh!) is my bazaar selling collab with one of the young ones I admire when it comes to her dedication for her business: Christine Liwag of Crave More! We just paid for our University Week stall days ago--so we hope to see you DLSU kids next week a! :)

Other than that, I got THE confirmation email earlier today about a big collab I've been keeping mum about for months already (baka kasi ma-jinx). Tuloy na tuloy na sha talaga guys! I am praying na everything will go smoothly--pero ngayon palang sasabihin ko nang thank you thank you universe for this grand birthday gift!!!! It's not even something I've asked for, pero grabe this project is so much more! 


  1. You deserve all the blessings! Hope to see you guys soon! :X

  2. Habang binabasa ko tong post mo, nakangiti ako. Feeling ko close din ako sayo. Hehe.. Thanks for sharing some personal bits ng lakad mo. At tsaka ako'y nai-excite sa collab na yan dear. Mukhang grande ah. Kaabang-abang.

    I am Jenniya

  3. You're such an amazing person, Ana!!! You deserve all the blessings. See you next week!!

  4. Miss Ana gagawa po ba kayo ng floral crown?!?!? Oh God please do!!! @_@

  5. Sis!! Ngayon lang nakapagblog hopping! Favorite ko talaga pag nagkukwento ka sa mga blogpost mo haha. Aabangan ko yung summer collection, mukhang pangdyosa!! HAHAHA. And kung ano man yung big collab na yan, ngayon palang congrats na!! You deserve it sis :)

  6. Ngayon lang ako makakakulit sa blog posts mo bilang kaka-galing lang natin sa sakit. Haha! Miss ko yung ganito!! :D Awww thank you sis for acknowledging my simple gift. :"> Love you!! Naenjoy ko talaga kwentuhan nating bongga nung nakaraan. More pa soon ha :*

  7. Na-excite ako sa summer collection! <3


    Michael Macalos


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