Cebu Day 3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

National Dyahe Day! Hahaha, aka: my Birthday's Eve!

Parang Christmas at New Year lang, iba for me ang day before my birthday. Yung waiting time before the clock strikes 12, very important pa ata sa akin kesa yung day of my birthday na mismo (lol). Well, hindi ko sha mashado inisip this year, but looking back now--veryvery eventful lang ng ganaps last January 19, our 3rd day in Cebu, aka My Birthday's Eve.

Matapos ang several delaying tactics and breakfast, finally! Nasa inarkilang van na ang gang para sa aming Cebu beach trip!

Dinaanan namin sila Den and Tracy sa hotel nila, na mga antok pa bilang nag puyat sa Life Dance, hehehe.

Short ride lang naman, pero yung iba nakatulog pa--and then finally!

Why hello there sunny side of the world! Hehe!

It was  a beautiful day to chill, pero sa sobrang chill....

...everyone opted to stay muna sa inarkila naming lamesa at upuan, at mag beer, lol:

Dumadami na ng dumadami ang tao, at sabi nga ni Tracy, naku the last time they went there
SOBRANG parang Sinulog parade sa sikip sa beach!

So naisipan na namin ni Aie mag dagat na bago pa lalong dumami ang tao!
But first! Pictorial muna! Props sa abandoned boat:

Niloloko ako ni Pax sa get-up ko: "Uy si Katy Perry!" Lol-much, idol ko kase yun! ;p 

Pero I was aiming sana for the classy 50s chic, hehehe, bilang dun mas "uso" body-type ko, hehehehe. ;p

Black Swimsuit with White Ruffles - Kamiseta
Red Heart Sunnies - Anagon
Black Cover-up Skirt - DIY
Slippers - Girl Two Doors Down, Flat Shop 

After a while (aka nung wala nang araw) the gang finally decided to join us! With my love Pax: 

The girls! So medyo emote mode parin ako nito, hahahaha. 50s pin-up gal with the boho chics!

Okay, kung ako si Katy Perry, say hello to Bruno Mars! Lolz.

Cute ni Tracy! :)

Yiheee so swet much naman! Hahaha!

I solemnly swear that 2013 is YOLO year! With the gang!

Sige laro lang ng sand like a kid! Saya magpakababaw!

Took one last picture of the Cebu YOLO gang before we decided to pack-up for lunch.

Thanks for taking my pic taking your pic, Mich! :)

Actually eto nagpa-ahon sakin sa water e. LORD oo na wala nakong right mag swimsuit! Char. (Repeats to self: Body love! ;p)

Thanks to our arkila van, kuya driver dropped us to the place with the "BEST PIG EVER!!!!" 

Hello Zubuchon! Matutunaw ata ako dito, choz.

Place mat:

Para sa may mga plans mag-pasalubong ng lechon:

Thank you Lord for the menu-makers who still consider na baka may mapadaang vegetarian sa restaurant nila, hehehe:

Busy sa phones, or baka mga nagttweet ng "Here in Zubuchon for late lench!" Lol.

We all went "home" to our kanya-kanyang hotel rooms to rest at medyo long night ang ineexpect namin (true enough!). Pax and Mich slept (or worked ata, I can't remember)...But I spent these hours playing with my new ukelele--while watching Youtube vid tutorials (because I'm a geek like dut, lol)

Hours before our "call-time" for my early birthday dinner with the Cebu Yolo Gang, Aie went to our room dressed up already for the night! (Habang kaming tatlo ni Pax and Mich hilata mode pa, hahaha)

I ordered merienda for the gang via room service again. Ang alat ng cheese sticks pero masarap!

Few hours later, we were off to the place Niche reserved for my advance birthday dinner.

La Maison Rose (The Pinkhouse Restaurant) is located in Gorordo Avenue. Sabi ni Mich dati daw itong abandoned place, yung tipong every time dinadaanan daw nila this spot kelangan patakbo! Takutan!

Not so scary now, though! Love at first sight ako, sa entrance palang! :)

I told Aie to pose by the cool door-knocker thingie (made a mental note of this eccentric detail for my future house, haha).
Biglang may nag-open nga ng door!

Welcome home! :D

The place is super OVERWHELMING! Sa visuals palang, busog nako! We reserved this long table with high chairs, before going around to check out and take pictures of the interiors (blogger-mode on!)

Opposite side, more tables and diners:

Right next to our table is this white piano, with the painting of this girl in swimsuit na parang peg ko lang earlier that day! ;P Haha!

Cool restroom! I spotted round-shaped details all-over the restaurant from time to time--like yung window:

The mirror (cute nun small cabinet accent noh?)

Went upstairs with Pax, and learned na French Culinary School pala to. I was afraid to take photos kasi medyo madilim sha that time. :p

Went back to the ground floor with the gang, and checked out yung outdoors area:

Another round detail: awesome door, naalala ko The Hobbit, hehe:

The servers are all wearing pink maid's uniform, with their hair swiped up in a clean bun. 

Hehehe, couple pic by the fountain! Afraidy the effect of the shadows and the design of the place:

When we got back to our seats, ready to order na at gutom nadin!

They handed us the menu on an iPad--as in click "add" lang to order! Awesoooome! 

Paul the latecomer arrived with my birthday cake! :) May excuse! Hehe! Thank you so so much bff!!! *Tears*

Mich also ordered bottles of wine as her birthday treat to me! THANK YOU MICH!

I super love my red wine! I think ito yung alcoholic drink na I love for its taste! Mich was explaining na white wine is for seafoods while red wine is for the steak. "So what's the wine for my tofu?" Haha.

May "toast" ganap pa before the gang enjoyed our supergood French dinner. I got sweet words and wishes from my friends (tears!) like stability, brown candle (hehehe), and more success for my business. I felt sooo much love gusto ko na umiyak, and wala pang red wine yun a!

After dinner, we recorded a dedication vid for Bestie' blog birthday upstairs. I was medyo lasheng na that time (ok, hindi lang medyo, haha)...So I took the chance to take my "outfit photo" by the tokador's mirror inside one of the dark rooms. Laseng, so keber sa ghosts! Hahaha:
Camo Jacket - Terranova
Printed Silk Top - Miss Sixty
Yellow Shorts - Bayo
Black Sneakers - Landmark

We went out na to end the night in Nick Automatic's event. Group photo muna before leaving!

I was giggly na that time, but I can remember people telling me to blow the candle chu-chu, and nun blinow ko, nagalit naman sila, hahaha! Hindi pa pala napipicturean! ;P (Hashtag-Blogger Problems)

This is me pretending nalang na lighted padin yung candle, lolz:

So we all went to the cool Nick Automatic sponsored event to support Niche, and this was where everything went blackout blur and all. Nakakahiya! But while looking at the pictures now, I'd say it wasn't that bad naman!

I mean, I know things wouldn't always work my way, but sabi nga nila guys:
"It's just a bad day (or bad few minutes), not a bad life."
At the end of the day, tuloy ang ligaya! 
Thank you friends for always making this dramafest life AWESOME! 
I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you guys!


  1. hahahaha. mukha lang akong abno sa mga photos ko here. hehe. happy bday uit bff!

  2. Gondo gondo naman with the beach photos! Kainggit lalo :( Haha saka yung Zubuchon, sheeet take me there :'( Hahaha love you sis! Ganda ng sinabi mo sa last part O:-)


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