Art Attack: Jewelry Resin!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Only a few days in The Collective, and I am starting to fall in love with the place. The way I fell in love with the corner cafe inside a bookstore in Makati a few years ago--before they tore it down and replaced it with a school supplies section. :p

Unlike other "creative spaces", I find The Collective more welcoming, more chill (may mas chichill pa ba! haha), and less intimidating -- especially for someone like me na sooobrang shy-type. I can go there alone and enjoy the quiet time, like last Tuesday....I went there early for my 6pm resin class with CraftMNL. I decided to enter the Lil' Whims Instax Shop, a store that sells all sorts of analog cameras, films, leather camera bags, etc. I wanted to get my own Mickey Mouse Instax for our Sagada trip this weekend, but dahil walang laman ang bulsa (hehe)--settled for wide films and will just borrow ate's cam muna.

Still a few minutes early for class, decided to dine in Wabi Sabi. Dubbed as "Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery", I enjoyed checking out the menu ng hindi kailangang parang may selection process na ganap kung ano ang makakain ko sa hindi. The place also has this homey vibe, at the same time (and I know contradicting ang statements ko) gives off this feeling na parang asa out-of-country ako--eating alone in a local noodle place.

I ordered this refreshing milk tea...and this vegetarian shumai! Been ages since I had siomai, and finally I discovered a place that offers it's meat-free version! Panalo! If may time lang, I'll order another set (or 2!).

This is the "alley" going to my school CraftMNL:

Katabi niya is this cool bicycle and screen printing place called Hocus Workshop and Studio. They also offer workshops---something I'd like to try next time.

Welcome to CraftMNL!

The place with the coolest doorbell, hehehe. Cute din ng hiwang door!

Inside...They have new art materials for sale since my last visit!

My assigned station--with my cutting mat, magazine, pendants, gloves, box of resin, and other tools:

They also served us Wabi Sabi delights! I love the Haru Maki! Might order this naman on my next The Collective visit:

I have 6 classmates naman for this class--a nice mix of all-girls group with different backgrounds (meaning: interesting stories).

Our teacher: Nikki Abelardo of Junk Studio!

She's super creative, practical, and chill! I love her teaching style, and her tips!
Check out her own works:

What took us an hour or so: composition of our designs! Wala akong dalang printouts and magazine cut-out (responsible student lang)...So I took out my wallet and checked if may scraps akong magagamit--like these Accessorize stickers, Life of Pi (!) movie ticket, my calling card, and the Yoko Ono x Zara "YES" t-shirt tag I saved!

 Aside from usual resin technique, we also tried embedding and tinting! Parang kaming scientists, dealing with scary chemicals, trying to make our own beads and pendants!

The works of my creative classmates!!! Cool!

...And mine! Yey!

We left our artworks to dry. Going back there tonight for polishing and adding the jewelry components. Can't wait!!!

The aftermath: Messy workroom = time well-spent! ;)

Class pic!

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For handmade goods and upcycled crafts, visit Junk Studio!

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