Best in backlog - Last Day in Cebu

Friday, February 22, 2013

Eto na talaga ang best in backlog post ko hahaha, I think this was over a month ago na. AND. ANNNNND!!!! To the people in this post (and the other people I've been with!) in Cebu---NALIMUTAN KO NA MGA FEZLUK NIYO GUYS. MAGPAKITA NAMAN KAYO SAKIN!!!!! -___-

Anywaaaay. Kalma mode nalang at later I'll be meeting with Tracy, Pax and Mich--coz we're off to the mountains and the waterfalls and the cooold part of the Pilipins!!! Lol! We're going to Sagada! Yahooo! ;p

But before that, rewind muna: last day of our Cebu trip... I finally met Mich's baby! :)

Such a sweetheart! Ang cute niya and chill lang sha! :) Gusto ko sana hawakan kaso may record na ako ng nakagat-scratch ng doggies. :p Hi-hello nalang kami ni fatty, hehehe:

Left Mich with her 'rents, while Pax and Niche and I went to the dimsum place again, for lunch:

Abacus sandalan! So cool! Matutuwa math geek friends ko nito! :D I love it though as instant back massage hehehe.

Hi Pax I miss you!

Hi Niche I miss you also!

So cool this menu, I want to try the "Birthday Noodles" sumday, lolz.

So cool din this sosy kariton guy with the refillable rice chuchu, sayang mas maulam me. Hehe. (Okay sabaw nako, peace!)

Happy Fiesta!!! 

For dessert, we went to the magkakapitbahay sweets section also in same mall, and I tried some sweets from this place: 

I bought some of these home:

Pax and Niche had some Mochiko goodness because these stickies can't be bought in Manille (ok joke :p)

Tracy and her friend Den met up with us, and they brought us to another place we can't find in Manille: Topshop... SALE. :D Perfect pasalubong to my family who haven't been to this store! (Ok nagbibiro lang ako guys ha!)

After going back and forth from the dressing room to the racks, Tracy and Den had to leave na for their early flight! We said our "See you in Manila"-s, and then Pax and I left the mall na and followed Niche who went to his awesome super cool Cebu based store "Nick Automatic". The shop is awesomely called a Doodle Store. I shall call Anagon's first shop something as creative as this.

Full length mirrors are vain girls' best friends. Lol.

So proud of Niche and his super bigtime business. I was super aliw looking around the tees and other Nick stuff they offer! 

Most were sold out na already, but so happy for Niche parin, but so sad for me coz most of the designs I want sana were not available na. Pero okay lang :) Everything's COOL naman so go!

Suddenly Pax disappeared, so the mirror became my bestfriend again. Lol. Nag outfitey shots pala ang buruha! ;P Hehehe! Say hello to my favorite hairstyle, joke. :p Irita ako that day sa bangs ko. :p

Niche showed to us the new Nick shades that I saw so many times in all my social net accounts, and I super fell in love with the simplicity and with the logo na nagpapa insta-cool sa kanya! 

 Pax was there na and she took this picture. I bought it, and got HUGE discounts for buying this pair with the tees nadin! :)

Blockbuster store!

Also met Nick's artist Nicolo, and had to take picture with him because I always say "Ay crush ko na sha!" to everyone I meet na super awesome and passionate with their craft! Pax immediately asked if he is single and sobrang dyahe lang coz I was just joke-crushing and the line was just an expression, hahaha. But it was funny nadin. ;p

 We passed by this basurahan and ang cool lang na in Bisaya din the segregation labels, hehe:

We went to another sweets place just to waste time while waiting for our superlate flight. They had tea:

Mich also had this suman with chocolate sauce:

While I tried their coffee and bibingka, although I can't remember na if they're good...But maybe they're so-so lang coz I won't forget naman if they're masarap.

Right after the coffee break, we jumped to another food place called Ilaputi, and for dinner naman. Halatang wala nang magawa? Okay nadin, parang food trip narin during our remaining hours in Cebu!

Super cool lang these glass lights, flowers, raindrops thingies we sighted when we looked up, I wish I have these in my room (hehe)

Also this assembly line:

Hi guys, gising pa? :) Hehehe.

What we had:

Mich's sweeeet parents fetched us from there going to the airport. It was a sad moment walking from the resto to the car, babay Cebu na talaga. :p Oh this view reminded me of my sister's office before in The Fort (Deutsche) -

Airport chill time: Mich with her laptop, Pax working (making calls sa designers for her pullouts! :)), Niche with his instagram, and yours truly--vain padin kahit sabog na. Hehe.

I was using my Manels The Fashionista Commuter passport holder, hehe:

Airplane entertainment - Smile Magazine!

Hearts all over the world tonight! Lol. Hello Maniluuuuh!

Ang cute this signage/special area I saw in the Naia:

Got home with a clean room (mom missed me siguro hehe) and all these! Thank you to my sisters for the birthday gifts, and to the brands for the goodies! :)

And thank you sunny Cebu for the fuuun experience! I shall return! Hehehe.
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.........Now I can't wait for SAGADA!!!


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  2. LOL! topshop pa rin kahit cebu! ang cute ng mga photos and nakakaaliw basahin ana! :P


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