Art Attack: Rubber Stamps!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

After two consecutive weeks of bazaar-ing and working on Project TLTSN, finally I had some time to attend to "fun stuff" (before going back to working on my online orders). I recently enrolled in CRAFT MNL's different workshops...And first round called "Stamp Right Now" was held on a quiet Saturday afternoon in The Collective. It was my first time there ng afternoon, and since I had no other appointments that day, I decided to go early to check out the art stores. Nakakainspire lang to go there and expose myself to so much creativity and coolness.

Inside the CraftMNL workroom:

I love these posters! :)

I ordered the Viet coffee and vegetarian Pad Thai in the nearby restaurant while waiting for the others. Mga 2pm na nun and I realized di pa ako nag lulunch! Ang sarap the noodles, though bitin! ;p

Now on to the workshop...

I only have three classmates in this class. I think okay din para chill lang and para mas tutok :

Our teacher for this workshop is Alex Paredes of Rubber Ducky Stamp Co. She's super friendly and chill, I really enjoyed learning from her! I love her works too... Sobrang intricate lang! Check out her stamps...Ibang level ang details!

She handed us our tools for this class, which include rubber cutter, the rubber mat:

Tig-6 per student of these rubber foams (for cushion) and the wooden handles (we worked on 2x2 designs)

More knives in different sizes, stamp pad in several colors, and papers for the printing:

Meet the busy kids! :) Alex's friends were there din, super fun bunch!

Drawing of design:

One of my new friends from the class is Ms. Carla, who worked on creating a rubber stamp version of her wedding emblem--transfering her design from paper to rubber:

Cutting! My favorite part! Haha. Sugat-prone and mabusisi, but in a way, with time and patience, it is actually sobrang addicting!

HI CHRISTINE! Naalala kita dito!!!

Teacher Alex overseeing our works (and correcting us pag medyo yung cutter papunta na sakin ang hiwa, hehehe). She also gave us tips if super ambitious na ng aming designs, hehehe.

Teacher Alex with Craft MNL's Marielle:

Sharing some of my works! :)

Shempre, ANAGON logo--my life logo: Peace and Love! :)

Peace-Love, "Anagon", Paper Airplane (for The Fashionista Commuter! :)), and Work of Heart stamps!

Some selfies pictures I got from CraftMNL's FB page, thank you!

Serious mashado, hehe:

Ayan natawa nako! ;p

I also made stamps for bloggers Ms. Divine and Ms. Saab--as thank you gifts for always supporting Anagon! :)

Proud of my works! Haha!

Hindi namin napansin that we were working for more than 3 hours already!
The awesome Ms. Carla took out her ukelele while letting her stamps dry (glued sa wooden handles)

Group pic dapat, haha, the woes of 50mm! ;p

With my classmates and Teacher Alex! :)

The "beautiful mess" post-crafting. :)

Awarding ceremony! :D This passport entitles us to discounts in our next workshops with CraftMNL! Yey!

Sayang wrong spelling, but keri lang--kanwari artsy! Haha! :) Thank you CraftMNL!

Before going home, I went to Glorietta's HUGE National Bookstore, and hoarded new art materials! :) Sobrang nakakainspire lang to make new things using all sorts of medium that I am not used to (other than wires! ;p).
Sobrang classic lang tomato push pin for my sewing essentials, a scarycool knitting needles, multi-colored stamp pads, rubber erasers as alternative (practice-an) for rubber sheets, and these expensive by quality (daw) carving tools! :)

I am so happy I took the first step to learning again. I missed workshops, especially art classes! I remembered a convo with my friends nung idealistic fresh grads pa kami kung what we will do if we earn our first million (haha)--one friend will hoard bags and shoes, the other will buy all Apple gadgets daw. I remember soooo distinctly na I told them I will invest on more classes.

Hindi ko na kailangan mag wait for my first million to invest on art classes (hehehe).....

Invest in yourself! Check out Craft MNL's Facebook for updates on the class scheds!
Also, visit Rubber Rucky Stamps Co. for awesome stamp products!


  1. Cuuute!!!! Panalo lang ang designs!! Haha. Pero project natin yung mahirap version. Lol. See you soon, love!!! :">

  2. "Hindi ko na kailangan mag wait for my first million to invest on art classes (hehehe)....."

    I love it!

    Saka remember, bibili rin tayo ng 3D TV?? Hahaha miss you na talaga bakit di pa rin tayo nagkikita T___T

  3. super gusto ko talaga try toh! asa bucket list ko :) dana mag kasama tayo!

  4. bet ko yung ambiance nung place sis! very artsy. bagay ka tsaka yung work mo dyan!

  5. Ana! I love your site and your pics and your stamps and your wire art!! :D Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may giant Natio pala sa Glorietta. I want to invest in inkpads too, hurrr

    Thanks for making our afternoon workshop memorable and fun! May I link this entry on the Rubber Ducky FB page? :)

    More power,



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