Layered Skater Skirts

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hi guys!
Sneeze Machine nanaman ako the whole day, and although inattempt ko na ang The Secret, at pag ubos ng gallons of water, at pag take ng kung anu-anong vitamins and gamot, natuloy parin ang sakit. :( :( I made all online orders the whole afternoon although not feeling well--senyales talaga na grabe love ko talaga tong work ko! ;p

Anyway, sobrang backlog kwento...a few weekends ago, when I got hold palang of Bubbles' summery skater skirts through mail--gusto ko na sila suotin! As in agad-agad! Decided to wear them on a Saturday lunch date with Krissy!

Kekwento ko lang yung pagkakastyle a haha:
I tried the tribal-ish skirt--and styled it with a denim polo para summer ang look (dapat naka tali sa baba--parang retro). Kaso medyo bilang part of the bottom-heavy society, ginawa ko nalang shang cover-up--and wore the yellow shirt underneath. And then before going out of the house, narealize ko medyo short and hinahangin the tribal skirt so I thought of wearing another skirt sa baba nito--thus the peach skirt! Narealize ko ang cute (and puffy!) din pala nila together, so di ko na sha tinanggal kahit nakarating na ako sa meet up place namin in Fort! :p

Denim Top - NEXT JEANS
Yellow T-Shirt - GIORDANO
Tribal Skater Skirt - BUBBLES
Peach Skater Skirt - BUBBLES
Green Necklace - SM ACCESSORIES
Tan Belt -Mango

My lunch date! :) The sobrang colorful Krissy! ;)

Had the best time catching up with this girl--same spot, same restaurant. :)

Aria Cucina Goodness!

Every time nag meemeet kami ni Krissy, sa sobrang dalang, bawal mag tipig! We eat A LOT, and if may time--nag sisine pa kami niyan, and then kape pa after! That day though, may lakad pa si Krissy so lafang happy fiesta nalang kami in High Street's Aria Cucina. Even had coffee and dessert after! Favorite part? We both brought gifts for each other! :)

Thanks Krissy! Can't wait to read this after my current read (ang bagal ko na mag basa :( what is pacing! haha)

Oh speaking of! Finally! Nakita ko na the lines I was trying to quote in this post from Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling!

"A note about me: I do not think stress is a legitimate topic of conversation, in public anyway. No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out. Going on and on in detail about how stressed out I am isn't conversation. It'll never lead anywhere..."
(noted with love! lol)

Anyway, thanks Krissy for the stress-free talks! :) Haha! Sa uulitin--and sana hindi months till the next one, okay! :)

Krissy and I rode a cab to Trinoma together, where she left nadin. I strolled around to buy something, and then learned through the Power of Twitter that Kelly and Niche were there din! :D We met up for dinner--

...Parang pang hit TV series poster lang noh? Hahaha! And with that, nabuo na ang Max's Society. Or Max's Ambassadors (Sarap to the bones! Lols.). Can't remember kung kanino yung Max's Chicken (Dapat kay Kelly yung sarsa! Haha!), but ako daw ang bukod tanging Sizzling Tofu Ambassador! Hahaha! Ilalaban ko na makuha ko din ang Max's Merengue title! Nyahahaha.


  1. <33333333333333

    Wui I have that book by Mindy Kaling din in my Kindle, maumpisahan nga!

    Love you sis! 'Til next stress-free hang-out! :D

  2. Winner ang layering na hindi halatang layering!!:)

  3. Napaka-cute and colorful sis! Bet na bet!! :)


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