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Monday, March 18, 2013

Naalala ko pa, before it was cupcakes, and then there's the froyo. As in all sorts of frozen yogurt businesses ang nag sulputan all-over the malls! Although most of them just jumped in the food fad, only a few cupcakes and froyo brands remained kahit tapos na ang trend--like Sonja's Cupcakes and Red Mango. The secret to their staying power? A simple formula = ambiance + service + quality food/drink. I think I just discovered the Sonja's and Red Mango when it comes to the current milk tea craze...

Spent my Saturday afternoon in Dakasi's newest branch in Dela Rosa St., Makati!
Note: For the yosi kids, may outdoor area sha! Perfect tambayan during YB / post-work. :)

Founded in 1990, Dakasi has over 400 stores in China alone, and is rapidly growing in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. On February 14 last year, Filipinos finally got to experience the Dakasi promise when the first local store was opened in Marquee Mall, Pampanga. More stores were opened in Metro Manila and other key locations just a few months later. Today, there are already 17 branches all over the Philippines!

The newest branch is right across Mom & Tina's, and Enterprise building:


Dakasi, aptly translated to “big cast”, is a popular milk tea brand from Taiwan. Where other milk tea brands only have a few flavors, Dakasi offers a gamut of confections from traditional bubble milk tea, fruit teas, to hot tea and even coffee! I'll order the coffee naman next time. :D

Closer look - Dakasi's Commitment Wall: 

Dakasi prides itself on the wide variety of unique tea-based concoctions on the menu. 

Unlike competitor stores that rely on powder mixes, Dakasi brews high quality tea leaves imported from Taiwan. Tapioca pearls are used within three hours of cooking, and sugar syrup is made onsite daily for freshness. Even the ice used to chill drinks are made by Dakasi itself, to ensure that only quality products make it into their milk teas.

Naalala ko the owner takes pride of the different variety of drinks they have in their menu--pero walang talo sa mga to! You can close your eyes and point to any drink, and you'll love it daw for sure! :D

Sabi nga ng owner, even yung pag shake nila ng ingredients, there is "science" to it!

Thus, the best milk tea in your every cup, in every order, in every DAKASI branch!

Back to the event, hi Krissy! Hahaha!

They also served food, na I learned will also be included in DAKASI's menu in the near future! I love the concept of a one-stop-shop, saka hindi lang panay sweets--they'll also include sandwiches and chips!

Yummy chocolate popcorn!

Melai hosted the event! We sat together before the program started, and at least was able to catch up! :)

Liz Lanuzo, beauty blogger, and Dakasi's brand consultant:

 Mr. Dexter Chee-Ah, one of Dakasi's owners, was the one who said the line "Dakasi will be the Starbucks of milk tea!". With the great service and drink, and perfect ambiance--hindi to imposible! Sir Dexter also said, "And next time, Starbucks will be the Dakasi of coffee!" Lovet.

Mr. Aldrich Kho explained the milk tea making process in Dakasi. 

Each drink is made to order by the hygiene-conscious staff, who undergo a month of rigorous training before formally joining the team. Dakasi takes the health and well-being of its customers very seriously. As a food services provider, sanitation is of utmost importance to the company. Containers and machines are emptied and cleaned daily, while counters are thoroughly disinfected as well.

The 30 second challenge - where one of Dakasi's well-trained staff Gab created a great quality milk tea while we pressured him with a countdown (lol).

Nikki of also created her own milk tea! Galing!

And then may game-pabilisan to finish a large sized Dakasi milk tea! Sabi ni Melai tatawagin daw niya ako pag walang volunteers (lol), so I presented myself narin kahit nakaubos na ako ng isa! ;p

Thanks Krissy for this photo! ;D Sabi ni Liz dapat till the last pearl maubos, so....

I gulped and gulped, then binutas ko pa the cover to finish the whole thing! HAHA!
Sabi ni Alex, "Tumaas respeto ko sayo!" Lolz.
PS: Mabilis talaga ako uminom, guys. Forever thirsty, hahaha! Inuubos ko kahit water nila Pax and Sarah pag kumakain kami sa labas, hehehehe. That, or competitive lang talaga ako. Lol.

Post-event with Alex, Melai, and Krissy! :)

Worth it the sugar rush! Haha! I won more Dakasi GCs (as in a half inch thick! woot!), the stuffed toy I gave to Nikola, and a green tea diffuser for my room! YEY!

I actually went back last Sunday--but in the Dakasi Festival Mall na (regular Sunday mall ng family ko)! 
Diff branch, but same quality and great service! Thanks DAKASI! :)

Find your nearest Dakasi Milk Tea branch!
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  1. Hahahaha jusme pag ganyang contest din, keri! Papaka-competitive din ako. =)) Congrats sis! I've tried Dakasi din sa Trinoma and love agad namin ni Joed. Tambayan pag di niya trip mag-kape. :D Tayo rin soon ha! :) I miss you!

  2. I went back to the Dela Rosa branch din kanina! HINDI NA AKO NALIGAW!!!! Hahaha shuuucks tawang-tawa pa rin ako sa make face-photos ko hahaha ultimate sugar rush!!

  3. wow! talaga every sunday nasa festival mall ka? hope to see you personally someday!!!


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