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Thursday, April 11, 2013

In our yoga classes, students are required to be in the hot room at least 15 minutes before scheduled class. Other than they wouldn't accept late students in class anyway, it's also for our body's adjustment, and most importantly, to get used to breathing with the unusual heat before we go on with the postures. 

Today, I decided to attend one of the morning classes (I usually attend the last class, which is at 8pm already) since I have events tonight. Two days palang that I missed out on bikram, hindi na ako mapakali! Gustong gusto ko na mag-stretching at pag pawisan!

Long walk to forever, hehe. But I enjoy long walks around Alabang! :)

When I entered the Bikram Alabang studio earlier, I was greeted with a different receptionist, but she's also as welcoming and friendly as Ms. Rose of the nighttime shift. I signed in the 8.30am attendance sheet, headed straight to the locker room to drink one of the 2 bottles of water I always bring to class, and then left all my things inside the provided lockers--bringing only my keys, yoga mat, huge mat towel, and my other bottle of water.

Usually naaabutan ko pa the 6am (or 6pm) students, but today the hot room was already mopped clean and ready for the next session, so I quietly went in right away and reserved my space already--always middle back. I left my slippers inside the provided cabinets outside the room. After setting up my mat with the towel, I lay down in savasana, and noted the time via the huge wall clock right in front of me - I had full 15 minutes before class. Most of the time, quiet lang ako and chill. I had a night class last week na nakatulog pako, hahaha! At nalaman kong tulog ako dahil nagising ako sa snore ko. Lol, nakakahiya!

Today, though, I was trying to quiet my mind, which was sobrang distracted--thinking of quesadillas.

Plain, gooey, rubbery, cheese quesadillas! :p

The 90-minute class went well today, had a different instructor and she's good--always commending my shift of poses to the correct form, and correcting me whenever mali nanaman ginagawa ko. I was not as breathless din compared to the past 2 classes ko (sobrang init lang talaga na!), although I got dizzy parin with the back bends. My favorite poses are the standing ones, especially the tree pose. I am more of the balance-type of person, I can stay there standing on one foot forever, hehehehe. Although I want to improve my flexibility too. My night-class teacher was there din as a student, ang cool lang.

Post-yoga Reward! I finally got my quesadillas na, hahaha. And also ordered this yummy all-vegetables spicy soup in the Commerce Building's Army Navy (same building ng Bikram Yoga Alabang, how convenient noh? Hehehe).

Breakeven lang sa weight pinag-gagawa ko noh!? HAHA! At least may physical activity na ako kahit ang sarap ko parin kumain, unlike before! Also, I am proud of my commitment na to body-love! It's nakakaproud din a, to really wake up earlier than usual para makaattend ng class. Ibahang levelz of commitment na iteeeey!!!

Through Bikram Yoga Alabang's FB, I discovered these Marilyn Monroe yoga photos! :D Idol ko sha, so tuwa ko lang, hehe! :)

 Speaking of commitment, I also passed by the banks for BU errands before heading home. The BU team finally closed venue-related matters na, and just hoping for the best! :) See you on June 1, SMX!!!

I got home kanina at around 12, and slept muna. :) Feeling energized and productive, I am answering Anagon emails now before heading out again for the events! ;)

See you when I see you!!!

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  1. I have been really into yoga lately but I've never been to one where you had to go into a hot room before. I've recently been to one where the room we were doing the yoga had the heat on though!

    Do you feel the heated room before hand really helps?


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