Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I only have a few tangible realities that I hold on to dahil they make me feel (irrationally) forever-young (like, below 25 years old, kolehiyala, ganyan, haha) - and one of them is that I don't have a credit card parin! Self-employed since forever, I can't imagine getting a "plastic" and owing some higher being an amount that I am not sure I'll earn from my unpredictable income. Anyway, ang hirap din minsan lalo for online purchases or booking flights. 

Anyway, thinking of getting a card narin, and most prob, kung kukuha ako, I'll go for the new Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard - the latest credit card from RCBC. It's not just a regular credit card, also, this new co-brand credit card gives book lovers access to some of the most unique finds and latest releases available in Fully Booked!

Spent an afternoon in Fully Booked BGC a few days ago for the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard launch. This bookstore (Fully Booked's flagship branch) is one of my favorite places in the world! Ang daming rare finds, and ang sarap lang tumambay here--to check out the new titles, and then kape kape sa taas sa Starbucks after. :D (Busy days, kelan ko ba uli magagawa to! :p)

 With the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard, you can:
1) Enjoy 10 percent discount instantly with every purchase at any Fully Booked branch.
2) Get cash rebates of up to 10 percent.
3) Get one free book on early purchases and on renewal period! :D
 4) Cardholders are even entitled to invites to exclusive events, special sales and new arrivals.
5) Discounts at partner establishments.
6) Installment option of zero percent interest for big-ticket purchases. 

In short, it will make your reading more rewarding! :)

Sarah Meier as the event's host

She asked the audience for their current reads! :D So proud to be on reading-mode now! :)

“We are proud to be partnering with the country’s first and leading specialty bookstore. This partnership is a testament to our continuous commitment in strengthening our position in the market and expanding our clientele,” said RCBC Bankard President and CEO Oscar B. Biason.

Fully Booked’s Managing Director Jaime Daez likewise expressed his interest in entering into a partnership that will enhance the experience of his establishment’s discriminating patrons. Ang bata niya noh!

“Fully Booked, from the start, is all about going beyond the idea of an ordinary bookstore, and offering innovative experiences that delight our readers,” Daez said. “We are confident that having our name in a credit card product together with an industry pioneer contributes greatly to this end.”

They unveiled the "look" of the new Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard:

Sarah (Tirona) won a Flip Video during the raffle! :D Congrats!

More reasons to get the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard:
I wonder if I should avail a credit card na talaga. I think it's practical din (to not carry so much cash, lalo pag commute). Thoughts? :)

Leaving you with this interesting read: Why Anna Doesn't Carry CashSana satin din nagaaccept na ng cards everywhere, kahit sa taxi! ;p
Happy Weekend! :)

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  1. I actually only keep one card kasi nabaon na ako sa utang dahil sa credit card, haha. But this card seems fun naman. It was nice seeing you there Ana! :D

  2. Love this Ana! Thank you so much! This "plastic" is bagay to you! Hmm I'll see what I can do! Will tell my boss! - Mira

  3. Several of these greeting cards are all to easy to receive but some do have a lot of service free master card fees regarding generally there employ generally requesting one on one deposit.


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