Pre-Yoga, Bonggang Birthday, Etc.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Friday, I went out for yoga again, but I was too early for class again (tawagin na natin itong "pre-yoga" - na ang lakas lang maka-gastos kasi palagi ako tambay ng mall, haha).  So I had a hot milk tea muna in Dakasi (yum) just to unwind from a long day of work..

I have a new pa-witty tag in Instagram, to mark my new book acquisitions #booksbeforeboys. Hahaha. As recommended by Krissy, I got the Flipped book already on another pre-yoga-malling ago. I also saw this writing book by a local author (my current read).

Since patapos na ako with these, heaven lang when I saw a Book-for-Less in a super-tago-corner in Festival Mall right after my milk tea break:

By rummaging through the shelves and shelves of categorized old books, got super cheap (and rare) copy of my favorite "end of the world" novel (haha) by Stephen King (P100!), another old favorite Judy Blume book na we have a copy na at home but P50 lang sha so bat hindi ko bibilhin (haha, perfect pa for summer re-reading!), and the 2nd book of The Tao of Pooh (hard copy for only P250!).

I also bought this coffee table book with nice glossy pages on Tai Chi for my dad, since birthday niya the next day. Super ADIK ni dad sa tai chi, as in nagsisisipa-tadyak nalang yan sa ere, bigla-bigla habang nanunuod ako ng TV. ;p Gave it to him the next day with the "sobre" dahil para akong mesa-"ninang na tamad" kung mag gift minsan, hahahaha.

Post-yoga, waiting for vacant showers (kelangan ko na ata mag invest sa dri-fit/exercise tops. :p). In the Bikram Yoga Alabang studio, we only have 5 cubicles in the ladies' room, so we are required to not take our sweet time while inside the showers.

Night walk. :)

When I got home that night, I made this new menu for my next day's children's party raket:

The client already paid for sure-30 wire accessories (customized or ready-made, depending on the guest)--so I created 30 cat's ears na para rin bawas-work during the party. 

 I woke up the next day with this photo posted in mom's FB greeting dad a happy birthday - yehesss naman kung maka PBB teens sa couple's shirt from SOLO! ;p

And although birthday ni dad, nung around 5pm na, the whole family went to the new Fairmont Hotel in Makati (near Landmark) for my ingress. It's not a bazaar, but my first raket as Anagon "souvenirs' booth" in a party - parang bazaar but sure paid na!

We were told beforehand to wear white polo shirt or white-pink outfits to match the birthday's motif. I asked mom to wear a cat's ears headband din para cute kaming mga Anagon staff, haha.

Anagon's Customized Accessories table - ready na and just waiting for the guests! :)
Check out mom and Cea, mga naka headband din! ;p

Ang cool kasi hindi lang pala ako ang booth (akala ko they got me for the souvenirs! :))--yun pala iba pa ang souvenirs! Anagon was part of the Arts & Crafts activity area for the kids before dinner and balloon/magic shows and games (the celebrant pala is just 1 year old! :D).

The other Arts & Crafts activities include a design-your-shirt, design-your-pot (complete with plants of either mint, basil, etc!), caricature stall (na akala ko digital, yun pala MANO-MANO), bag tag making, decorate your cookies, etc. Fun noh!

Food stalls were also present during the party, like Muscle Beach, Serenitea, and BonChon. Iba pa to guys sa dinner nila a! :D

Guests were given stubs to claim from the booths, but may mga VIP IDs din who can avail unli access per activity. May VIP who got around 10 customized pieces from Anagon!

Aside from the bonggang activity area, they also have bongga sa bongga entertainment - may saxophone and may harp lang naman! HARP! I also loved it nung kumanta si Ate "Sax", ng mga the likes of At the Beginning and Part of Your World! Cute!

A bonggang party with the bonggang gifts!

Fancy table setting:

The desserts station:

Back to Anagon, mom took charge of getting the stubs, noting the orders, and listing the VIPs.

While I worked-worked-worked on the customized pieces...

Kids super love the cat's ears headband (yey!)

And even ang mga mudras love their wire LOVE word crowns! :)

It was a super busy night, I started at around 6pm, and ended almost mag 10 na! At my 2nd hour of working non-stop, without looking up, I was already tantrums-mode sa pagod, but carry on lang. Mom will remind me na "good problem" to. We also exceeded na the paid number of accessories (yey!), and my client paid me for the excess at the end of the night--no hesitations--and walang tawaran! Before leaving the venue, I thanked Madam, and she beso-ed me and then told me "Thank you a, Ana! Ang galing mo!" Ang saya!

I was not only blessed with the best raket ever (hotel experience palang, solb na ako!)--but with these supportive parentals! I was tantrums-y na earlier while working when I realized na dinner time na and at the back of my mind, hey it's also my dad's birthday! I asked dad later on baka naiinip ka na. He didn't make me feel that, though, instead, he said with full support business mo yan e! Mom was also there with me helping me with my stall thewholefriggintime. Wala nang mas uunconditional pa sa kanila.

Mom and dad in white and pink -- also following the birthday's motif! :)

Late dinner in Magallanes' Pancake House for dad's superlate birthday dinner, dahil sarado na most of the restaurants na plan namin kainan. :p

For me, I have a perfect family. We are not rich, but we are wealthy in time when it comes to liberally spending it for each other. We don't have (yet!) the money to celebrate a Fairmont-type-of-birthday for Dad that night, but we still (always have, always will) celebrate each other's birthday together. The Crazy Gonzales may not be perfect, but iba ang humor and tawanan when I am with them. I will never stop dreaming of having a family like this in the future---Ang taas ng standards ko! :p


  1. I LIKE THIS POST SO MUCH I JUST HAD TO COMMENT!!!!!! And you know I never comment!!!!! This post warms my heart! Im so proud of youuu :)

    1. AWWWW THANKS BEB!!! Miss you na Trace, see you next week!!!! Cant wait to catch up! :)

  2. Grabe sa bonggang birthday nga! At one-year old pa lang yan ha, pano pa yun debut??
    Di bale sis, pag nasa 3D TV-levels na tayo ganyan na rin birthday ng mga anak natin hahaha ;D

    Happy happy birthday kay Daddykins! And yes, isa ang Gonzales family sa favorite family ko in the blogging world! Naks! :)

    And wow meron din ako nyang Summer Sisters na napaka-luma na, I've had it since college! Pati yun The Tao of Pooh! Great find sis ah, ang mahal nyan di ba?? :D

    Hope you enjoyed Flipped! Watch the movie din!

    See you laterrr! (Haba ng comment?? Haha mwah!)

    1. loved the Flipped book sis! :) Gusto ko na mapanuod the movie :) Daming quotable quotes din hehehe ;)

  3. Awww natuwa ako sa post na to!:) I'm so proud of you ang ganda ng raket na to!:) And love na love ko talaga the Gonzales family. Damang dama ko yung sinabi mo sa last part. Keep shining babe love you!:)


    1. Thank you so much Beb! :) I am sure you'll go places din sa field mo! ;) Love you! :)

  4. this post is very heartwarming! i swear, maluha-luha nko when i read the "family" part. made me miss mine :(

  5. I looooove the birthday party! Sobrang bongga, daig pa debut ko nun haha Ang galing mo Ana! You deserve all the blessings you're receiving right now! :) x


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