Job Hunt Days

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nagpapaka-weird nanaman guys with an awkward pairing during the Elle Girl event. Nung day na yun kasi, gusto ko talaga matry ipagsama these 2 different patterns of same color scheme (black and white). Ang eccentric lang ng effect, with the yellow ganap --thanks to my old bag I bought eons ago at a market in Bangkok! (I miss traveling!) 

Houndstooth Blazer - BAYO
Dress - ELLE GIRL - same dress I wore here!
Black Heels - Zara
Yellow Bag - Bangkok
Thanks Sarah for the photos!

Anyway, feeling nagja-job hunt lang in this outfitey, na perfect timing din naman, it was the day na I had long talk over coffee with my blog girls on our fresh grad Arnie's post-college plans. Grabe ang pagbalik ng memories of my own "fresh grad" days!

Naalala namin ni Pax noon na we used to check classified ads for job openings, tapos noon I know people na walk-in ang pag submit ng resume and pag ask for vacancies, and sobrang stress din ang attire! Super baduy ko pag job interviews, ang hassle! Unlike ngayon, may online sites na like Job Street and JobsDB, email-email nalang ang pag submit ng resume, and! AND! Ang daaami nang chic and affordable na corporate attire ngayon, unlike before na polo, knee-length skirt, and slacks lang ang option! ;p Haha!

May kwentong-marathon ako when it comes to my job interviews and job hunt days, but baka libro na dapat isulat ko para don! ;p Sabi ni Arnie now, sobrang no idea sha of what she wants, but ako during my time sobrang alam ko what I wanted. And narealize ko, mas nakakabreak pala ng heart yung alam mo ang gusto mo, but hindi mo makuha. Before, ultimate goal ko was maging part of a teen magazine editorial team, although I had several offers sa iba ibang writing jobs, hindi ko ma-yes-an dahil I was still waiting for that "dream job". The whole time I was applying, attending interviews and exams, ang nagsusustain sa pag labas-labas ko wasn't baon from parents (because they stopped narin sa pag bigay ng allowance), but from selling accessories online via what we know now as Anagon. :) I can't remember that day when I decided na itigil na my "hunt" (a.k.a. my kahibangan, haha), and just focus on my small business. But during that time, I was so scared - of taking a road less traveled, of hearing opinions from people kung bat hindi ako nag trabaho sa office, and if I can really turn my business into a consistent source of income. But now masasabi ko: Best decision ever!

With the gals: Pax, Ava, me, and Arnie!

Again, from reading and attending Bo Sanchez books/sessions, I learned about knowing your sacred purpose. Yung point is: you have to know your purpose (fuel) to know what you want to do for a living. Like in my case, one of my sacred purposes is that I really want to write to inspire young people who are also experiencing or will soon go through what I've been experiencing now. For me, to touch other people's lives, to motivate and give hope to the bagets through my own stories, na kung ako kinaya ko, pano ka pa! --ahhh grabe, these will give my life more meaning! 

During my college & fresh-grad years, I knew my vehicle for this fuel is to dedicate my time writing for a mainstream teen glossy. Ayun nga lang, minsan pala kailangan mong i-let go ang vehicle mo and just let God get you a better car more fit for you. Still with same sacred purpose, I think I am fulfilling my aim to inspire the bagets (hopefully!) via a new form of media where I can post as many and even as regularly as I want! Plus, may mas i-intimate pa bang way of reaching out to readers tulad ng sa blog? :)

Ang favorite part ko sa lahat are those significant moments in life pag marerealize mo nalang na "Ah kaya pala!" point ito of your life--reasons are out kung why things have to work out differently, you get the answers na to old questions kung why things didn't go well before according to your plan, everything will make proper sense na. Things will just fall into place, kaya push mo lang yan!  :)

PS: This post is dedicated to my little sis Arnie. :) May you find your sacred purpose first, before you find your first-ever job. Good luck, I love you, and congrats on finishing college with honors!


  1. AWWWW SIS!!!! Tears tears!!!! :'( Thank you sobra for this post. Napakagandang pambungad in the morning. I love you big sis! I will keep all those things in mind and masaya ako 'cos I know I can lean on you sa ganitong issues ko. Haha naka-bookmark na 'tong post na 'to plus screencap lahat na inavail ko! Hahaha!! ♥ Grabe grabe grabe!!! And syempre alam ko di lang ako yung natulungan ng post na 'to. To my fellow fresh grads and those finding themselves pa rin regardless of age. Haha NONSTOP I LOVE YOU SIS!!!

  2. Ay nako, pwede bang magbond din tayo ng ganito. Medyo na-ccrisis ako ngayon haha. I remember pa before when you were blogging about yung moment nga na feel mo quarter life crisis. Ngayon natatandaan ko siya coz I feel like I'm going through the same thing! Haaay. Medyo kailangan ko ng words of wisdom and/or encouragement hahaha. Thanks for this post, neighbor! :)

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  3. Sana mahanap ko din ang aking "scared purpose" in life pag dating sa career and after graduation of course. :) thanks for that tip, beb!

    Your look reminds me of a mod and modern breakfast at tiffany's! hehe :D


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