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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bongga ang bagong paandar ngayon ng WRANGLER, my favorite jeans! DENIM SPA na! Pero bago yan, gusto ko munang iemphasize kung gaano ko ka-love my Wrangler jeans! Lalo my Skinny Black Jeans (or SBJ), na forever repeat performance sa outfit posts ko! :D Just some of them: Pag casual look, 50s chic, and shempre--di mawawala ang madam mode! Wala akong pake kung paulit-ulit nalang sha, haha, super comfy na nga, ang classic pa ng style! :)

Anyway, moremore reasons to love our favorite denim brand: DENIM SPA ang innovation nila for Spring / Summer 2013. Durable parin, quality, comfy--and at the same time, may PAMPER ganap while you wear them!

Ok so simulan natin sa registration table earlier, I attended their new product launch in THE SPA High Street, no less! My favorite place! Hindi na "There's no place like home!", "There no place like The Spa" na para sakin, haha! (Read my The Spa experience HERE-kung saan inavail ko ang Bridal Package nila, kahit wala pang groom, lol)

Veryvery early bird ata kami, so lafang mode muna. Sarap ng panna cotta, noh Charlene? Hehe.

They made us choose kung anong gusto namin sa  available The Spa services--medyo nafickle minded ako if massage or body polish (scrub)

After a while, they gave us a The Spa tour--where they also presented the Denim Spa technology.

So Denim Spa by Wrangler is the brand's entry to the cosmetotextile industry - in short, bagong invention nila to wherein jeans are energized by high-performing skin care ingredients, contained in microcapsules, embedded in the fabric, and activated on contact! In short, may SCIENCE sa lahat ng ito!

Sa tour, they showed to us the 3 different spa treatments ng newest Wrangler denim line: Olive Extract, Aloe Vera, and Smooth Legs.

Libre inom! Woot! Hehe:
 Olive extract (which comes in light and summery blue washes) leaves skin TONED thanks to WONDER HYDRATOR, Squalene. This super oil is a natural moisturizer and an antioxidant!

Moremore drinks in this interactive tour! :D 
Aloe Vera naman (comes in mid-blue finish) is popular remedy natin with its anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in hydrating, nourishing, and soothing sensitive skin--kaya sha bida palagi sa mga skin care products. In short, medicine for the skin! 

Smooth Legs (dark, sateen indigo) contains proven ANTI-CELLULITE agents such as ALGAE extracts, retinol, and caffeine (ay bet ko na to basta may caffeine, lol). Imagine by just wearing this pair of pants, iwas "orange peel looking skin" ka na, maimprove pa your skin texture by tightening your pores - kahit nakaupo ka lang! ;p 

And the last room for the tour, or the BOUDOIR, where pwede namin itry and feel the different Wrangler Denim Spa!

Then they lead us to a program area for the mini fashion show:

Segue lang hehe, I LOVE the hairstyle of the models! :) 

Medyo napa-stomach in lang ako nun nakita ko sila noh! ;p Hehehe.
 High-performing jeans at its finest! I can't wait to own a pair of the Wrangler Denim Spa! :D

Ended the event sa aming kanya kanyang The Spa services. 

I chose The Spa's Honey Body Polish, which entailed me my own Villa! :D Reminded me of my Bridal Package experience, hahaha! Room all to myself:

Separate vanity mirror with complete toiletries and shower area (also a sauna room)

Clean sets of plastic slippers, towels, and robes:

Ready for my Honey Body Polish! :D

Started at around this time, and ended almost mag 9 na! :D Sobrang sarap! 

I had a full-body scrub muna (na parang massage narin), and then my attendant told me to take a shower (to remove the scubs). After that, I was slathered with this delicious-smelling honey, and then my whole body (minus head-na may nakacover lang sa eyes) was wrapped for 15 minutes with parang giant cling wrap + towel. Ate also gave me head massage, and then left me for a while (naclaustro ako sa wrap ng slight, haha!). When my attendant came back, Jacuzzi / bubble bath time na! Then I rinsed off more of the honey chuchu sa shower area...and akala ko jan na nagtatapos! When I got out, ate also slathered / massaged more moisturizing cream all over my body! :D Panalo!

Happy, squeaky clean kid--post-pamper session! 
Infer mawala na ang lahat, wag lang ang red lipstick! Haha!

THANK YOU WRANGLER and THE SPA for spoiling and pampering us with your services and innovative jeans! :)

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  1. Wow! ang galing naman. they value their clients as well. mka buy na rin ng Wrangler

  2. Hoho lakas nitong paandar ng Wrangler! My Mom's looking for anti-cellulite jeans at ipapa-avail ko to sakanya for sure! And OMG this post made me miss having spa treatments. Jusmiyo my stressed body!! HAHA Miss you sis!! Happy for you sobra! :)

  3. @donna cool noh! :)

    @arnie hahahah natatawa talaga ako sa word na paandar! :D thanks sis! :) mwah!

  4. Hahaha! Tawang tawa ako sa lafang lafang muna kapag may time! It was nice seeing you again Ana! Sobrang bait mo! See you again soon! :D

    Charlene Ajose
    Fashion/Personal Blogger and Layout Maker

  5. LOL, I love sooo many of these products you mentioned but I am in search of a skin tightening treatment that will help with all the loose and sagging stuff that is going on with my body.


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