Recently discovered JTomas Solutions, an umbrella brand covering direct-to-the-point "NO___" solutions to most of your daily needs. Some of them are the following:

Spray solution for excessive sweating of the UA, chest, back, hands, and feet. I love that it is neat as the product dries up clear, and at 60% concentration of aluminum chlorhydrate, it keeps skin dry for long hours. 

As blogged here, I apply this body massage lotion to soothe minor aches of the back, shoulders, ankles, knees, neck, etc from attending bikram yoga classes. The emu oil smells good, and packaged in black non-spill bottle.

A leave in hair mist for course and brittle hair. Use this over towel dried or dry hair, No Tangle is a weightless instant conditioner that de-tangles hair without the greasy feel. 

JTomas Body Contouring Gel
Formerly named NO FAT, this formula is an intensive heat generated gel containing a synergism of "Theophyllisilane C". Generously apply and massage on sagging or bulging body parts for 2 to 3 minutes, and wrap with plastic cling wrap for 20-30 minutes to effectively break down body's fatty deposits (read more here).

JTomas Solutions are available in Landmark, Watsons, Unimart, Cash & Carry, RB Hortaleza, all Gaisano outlets, and leading department stores and supermarket nationwide.

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  1. yung body contouring gel ang susi sa pagpayat! :)

  2. Hindi naman masyado dagdagan natin ng konting stretch saka bawas milk tea tapos yung contouring gel :) Hehehe! thanks for sharing Ana


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