Destination Discoveries Part 2

Monday, April 01, 2013

Pictures overload lang for the spontaneous field trip with Nescafe and Nuffnang 2 Saturdays ago
-- thus entailing two separate posts! Read first one here.

After our Crescent Moon Cafe / pottery barn tour, we rode our coaster for the next surprise destination....
Pinto Art Museum!

Our very nice and informative guide! Kuya Andy Orencio, also an artist, toured us around Pinto.
I love that every time he sees me, he'll name drop a certain artist and tell me kamukha ko daw talaga..
...pati aura! :p Syempre feel na feel ko yun, hehehe!

Who knew there is a nice art place an hour or so drive lang from Manila? Pinto Art Museum in Sierra Madre St. Antipolo houses contemporary Filipino art works with great architecture (feeling asa Greece with the all-white walls!) and equally beautiful garden (pede mag outfit shots, hehe). I am drawn by the religious pieces here and there--

I love the vines effect in this chapel:

Not-vintage, but made to look like one. Cool noh?

(Nescafe) Coffee break tayo dito--parang Alice in Wonderland! :D

Even the floors are so lovely:

We headed dooown to more artistic nourishments from Pinto:

Even the garden and restroom showcase art pieces like these:

Rooms and rooms of paintings and unconventional mixed media artworks:

Modern art - 2 different people with no significance to each other, put-together for this artwork:

X-Ray effect!!!


Rats-infested building.....

Closer look:

And when you read the title, it's actually the UST MAIN BUILDING!!! :D

Hehe :)

One of my favorites:
Please Handle With Care Ver. 2 by Pam Yan-Santos -- A living room set-up, filled with WORDSSS...

A mini-cinema set-up:

My other favorite, FOREST by Antonio Catrral Leano -- a dark eerie room with the feel, smell, and look of a forest!

Wire Art!

We had our gatherings and lunch here, with food from Bizu:

We also met the Nescafe team here, as they introduced to us Nescafe-in-a-Can, the coffee for the on-the-go individuals... 

...Like their new brand ambassador, celebrity, model, and host Ms. Bianca Gonzalez!

The 3 Nescafe-in-a-can flavors: Espresso Roast, Mocha, and Latte:

My favorite, of course, is the pinaka-kape of them all: the Espresso Roast!
Although all three coffee flavors are too sweet for my taste (forever Nescafe detimpla parin! :))... I think
these are the best alternatives lalo na mainit na lately. And also, para madali ibaon on beach trips, travels, or kahit on simpleng everyday commutes!

Happy table! With the super nice Bianca Gonzalez:

I love getting to know more about celebrity Bianca Gonzalez by having lunch and (cold) coffee break with her during the event. As blogged hereShe stayed with us nung lunch namin, and even during the museum tour! She's super nice, a coffee girl din, and naalala ko we talked about Y-Speak, blogging (I love her blog!!!), and if nag court side reporter ba sha nun (hehehe). Latter part of the event, when they announced na I won for being the first person to tweet earlier that day, Bianca said: "Kanina pa kita kausap, hindi mo naman sinabing Gonzalez ka din pala!"
I was about to ask her for a cartwheel photo in Pinto Museum, haha, but I think too-much na yun hehehe. ;p

Krissy and Bianca Gonzalez, wearing my cat's ears headband that Krissy brought that day! :D AKK! Ms. Ms. Bianca is super sweet to borrow and wear the accessory for the picture when she learned that I made it as my bread-and butter. :)

Helga won a new camera during the raffle!!! :D

Group photo! :)

Pasalubong shopping in an Antipolo market: I got some kalamay kakanin, yummy cashew nuts, and (my favorite) shingalings, hehe:

Final stop-over before heading back to Manila: Of course, SELECT Shell Gas Station! :D

...Where you can get your Nescafe-in-a-can fix:

Ready for my next adventures!!!
Thank you Nescafe and Nuffnang for bringing together the three things in my happy formula! :)
(coffee + art + travel!)

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  1. Suuuuper ganda nung WORDSSSS something something. Ang dami dami and super pulido! I love it ♥ Kakainspire mga ganitong trips! :) Bait naman din ni Bianca, hihi so pretty! :D


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